palm oil

The real problem with palm oil

Tim Hunt
Mackenzie Denyer
| 18th July 2018
MACKENZIE DENYER and TIM HUNT, from Ethical Consumer magazine, explore the complex issues with palm oil, why deforestation rates are still climbing and why big brand manufacturers have the power to stop it

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PHOTO ESSAY: The promise of palm oil sows anger and doubt

Gaurav Madan
| 2nd May 2018
Villagers are living in fear of foreign investors exploiting their natural resources as Liberia declares itself 'open for business'. Companies are decimating trees and threatening the livelihoods and culture of these rural communities. GAURAV MADAN documents what life is like for the people of Sinoe County in Liberia.

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The Susu clan are self-sufficient and manage the land sustainably. They produce food to sustain themselves but also harvest cash crops like palm oil, rubber and sugar cane for income. (C) Friends of the Earth International, via Flickr

The palm oil crisis in Nigeria - and beyond

Burag Gurden
| 8th September 2017
The use and spread of palm oil is beyond imagination; from cooking and manufacturing to pharmaceuticals and drilling fluids, it is even in nanny's chocolate cake. Its global consumption may have increased more than any other good, but what does this entail for the farmers? The crisis in Edo State of Nigeria speaks for itself, reports BURAG GURDEN

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Bigor longhouse with land cleared for oil palm in the background. Photo: Sophie Chao.

Malaysia: the Murut struggle against palm oil, for land and life

Sophie Chao
| 12th December 2016
Supported by state and national governments, palm oil plantations are advancing over the rainforest hills of Sabah, Malaysia, writes Sophie Chao. In their way: the indigenous Murut of Bigor, whose culture, livelihood and very lives are under threat as forests and farms fall to chainsaws and bulldozers, enriching loggers and distant investors beyond the dreams of avarice.

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Elephants suffer as forestry habitat destroyed

The Ecologist
| 2nd July 2013
The Sumatran elephant, one of the smallest of the Asian elephants, is the most endangered elephant in the world. Currently there are between 2,400 and 2,800 left, making the species 'critically endangered', according to the charity Elephant Family.

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