Paris Agreement


EU should target carbon dioxide

Oliver Geden
Glen Peters
Vivian Scott
| 4th December 2018
Only an ambitious policy, backed by technologies that remove carbon from the air, can bring the EU in line with the Paris Agreement temperature goals

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President Trump’s fake news about climate change

Bob Ward
| 17th July 2018
President Donald J Trump has exceeded even his own incredible record for dumfounding his critics with a litany of falsehoods and prejudice during his trip to the UK and meeting with Vladimir Putin. Amid the white noise its easy for us to get distracted from his climate denial. BOB WARD sends a warning signal

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How cutting carbon offers a competitive advantage to shipping companies

Dexter Galvin
| 9th May 2018
The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) recently met in London. Many thought the draft agreement of a 50 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 doesn't go far enough to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. But DEXTER GALVIN of CDP is hopeful shipping companies will be pressured into more urgent action by their powerful commercial clients

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Why it's time for a European climate law

Molly Scott Cato
| 23rd April 2018
Climate laws are being adopted around the world. MOLLY SCOTT CATO and JAKOB DALUNDE, MEPs for the UK and Sweden, consider whether legally binding commitments can save us from a climate crisis and pave the way towards a net zero emissions planet

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Submerged cars

Climate apathy could mean disaster – but it isn’t inevitable

Leo Barasi
| 18th April 2018
Public support for policies designed to reduce carbon emissions and prevent catastrophic climate change is vital. Yet people are naturally resistant when such policies mean sacrificing holidays and rewards they have earned through hard work. LEO BARASI argues there is a solution to this world-defining paradox

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Eiffel tower

Why fighting climate change can give us reasons to be cheerful

Louise Gray
| 5th April 2018
Climate change brings with it existential concern. But the actions we take to prevent runaway climate change can have extraordinary benefits for our economy, our health, our wellbeing and our relationship with the natural environment. It is these positive messages that can persuade people to act now, argues LOUISE GRAY

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Man taking Al Gore's photograph

Why Al Gore fears Donald Trump - but remains optimistic for America

Brendan Montague
| 11th December 2017
Film directors Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk spent months with Al Gore observing his climate advocacy behind the scenes and at close hand. BRENDAN MONTAGUE asks about Gore, Trump, the impact of watching the melting glaciers and meeting many of the millions of activists worldwide determined to make a difference.

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James Hansen interviewed by Nick Breeze at COP23 in Bonn (c) Nick Breeze.

James Hansen at COP23: The voice of dissent

Nick Breeze
| 9th November 2017
James Hansen is making his second visit to the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties, COP23 in Bonn to declare the that the Paris Agreement “ambition” is a “hoax”. NICK BREEZE meets the man still raising the climate alarm.

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How environmentalists can regroup for the Trump era

Robert Percival
| 25th July 2017
Environmental law professor, ROBERT PERCIVAL, who has worked for both the Federal Government and a leading green nonprofit group, says despite the Trump administration's assault on America's environment laws they will survive... and may even be stronger for the attack

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G20 summit showed international climate action really is 'Trump- proof'

Katrin Riegger
| 12th July 2017
The G19 pro-climate coalition which agreed both an energy and climate action plan and important steps to help reorient private capital flows and business strategies towards a new sustainable direction has been deemed a success by many environmentalists, writes KATRIN RIEGGER (who was present at the conference for the Ecologist). But others say these agreements still do not go far enough and want to see global leaders adopting even more ambitious strategies to cut emissions and achieve the agreed goals of the Paris Agreement

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Open letter to party leaders on climate change and the UK economy

Dr Stuart Parkinson
Dr Philip Webber
Scientists for Global Responsibility
| 13th June 2017
In an open letter to the UK's political party leaders, Scientists for Global Responsibility urge those politicians to take the global threat of climate change seriously and to exploit science and technology to create jobs, tackle fuel poverty, and reduce local air pollution

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'Wrong way!' Roadside view of Alberta tarsands processing plant. Photo: Velcrow Ripper via Flickr (CC BY-NC).

Wrong way! A climatic baby step forward beats a giant leap back

Pete Dolack
Systemic Disorder
| 7th June 2017
The Paris Agreement is a severely inadequate response to the climate crisis the world now faces, writes Pete Dolack, full of vague aspirations and devoid of hard, enforceable commitments. But the impending US withdrawal is still bad news for us all - including the Trump-supporting Koch brothers, set to gain billions from their Alberta tarsands holdings. Short-term profits are a poor exchange for a less livable world, even for those making the money.

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