Animal Testing: Science or Fiction?

Kathy Archibald
| 24th March 2009
MPs, medical professionals and scientists unite in demanding a thorough evaluation of the utility of vivisection. By Kathy Archibald, Science Director of Europeans for Medical Progress

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Nearly 500 US cosmetics 'unsafe'

1st October 2007
478 cosmetic products on sale in the US contain doses of toxic chemicals which are unsafe, even when used as directed on the bottle, the US NGO the Environmental Working Group has revealed.

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Suppression isn't cure

Pat Thomas
| 1st March 2007
Our love affair with convenience culture extends to a reliance on convenience ‘cures’ for minor complaints. In the first article of a new series, the Ecologist’s Health Editor Pat Thomas says that self-medication isn’t the same as self-help

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School Uniformity

Rachel Ragg
| 22nd September 2006
The exuberance of childhood celebrated in books such as Just William is now frowned upon as inappropriate behaviour, resulting in more and more children being prescribed behavioural drugs. Rachel Ragg investigates

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We Are All Addicts

Edward Goldsmith
| 1st September 2006
A 1971 editorial from the ecologist founding editor Edward Goldsmith on how our society is becoming ever more addicted to gimmicks intended to ensure our survival in ever less favourable conditions

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ASBOs vs Nutrition

Pat Thomas
| 1st April 2006
Over 1,000 juvenile delinquents showed a 44 per cent drop in antisocial behaviour when put on a low sugar diet. So why is the government completely ignoring what we are feeding our children, and yet is happy to spend £2,500 on administering each ASBO?

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Medication nation

Mark White
| 16th December 2005
Too fat, too thin, too sad, too happy... Whatever the problem Biotech is developing a vaccine or a pill to cure us. Mark White examines the consequences of a world where all our worries can be medicated away.

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One of our germs is missing

Heather Wokusch
| 1st June 2005
Undeterred by a series of terrifying accidents, the Bush administration is pushing ahead with its potentially apocalyptic biological weapons programme.

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