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Enzyme which can digest most commonly polluting plastics discovered

Brendan Montague
| 17th April 2018
The success of Blue Planet II has transformed Britain into a country were millions of people are extremely concerned about the impact plastics are having on our marine and local environments. Scientists have now announced that they have discovered an enzyme that can break down this waste so it can be more easily recycled, writes BRENDAN MONTAGUE

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Daisy Dumas
| 7th February 2008
Plastic rubbish gets tossed away in far-off places that we rarely get to see. Daisy Dumas assesses its impact on the world's largest floating landfill.

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'Frisco votes to ban the bag

29th March 2007
The local council in San Francisco, California, has set a precedent by becoming the first US city to vote to ban large supermarkets from handing out plastic bags, Reuters has reported.

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