political economy

Karl Marx

The emergence of an ecological Karl Marx: 1818 - 2018

Gareth Dale
| 5th May 2018
Karl Marx was born in Trier 200 years ago today. The legacy of the political economist is fiercely contested. The Ecologist was among the first magazines to examine his ecological thinking - in an essay published in 1971. Here, GARETH DALE, an editor of the book Green Growth, examines Marx's own claims about nature and society - and our original interpretation of them

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Elinor Ostrom

What Elinor Ostrom can teach us about ecology, common ownership and community

Aaron Vansintjan
| 9th March 2018
Elinor Ostrom provides invaluable insights into economics and ownership - and the profound impact this has on our natural environment. Unfortunately, her work is not well known or widely understood. Derek Wall hopes to change that with his book, Elinor Ostrom’s Rules for Radicals. AARON VANSINTJAN met the author and asked why we should read her works today

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