How to build a new world in the shell of the old

The Symbiosis Research Collective
| 23rd April 2018
Every city has its graveyard of nonprofits, cooperatives, social clubs, and community centers. Without a strategic vision, local projects cannot possibly amount to a systemic alternative to capitalism. The latest contribution from the SYMBIOSIS RESEARCH COLLECTIVE

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Ellie Harrison campaigning for a publicly owned railway system. Photo: Robin Prime.

Power for the people!

Ellie Harrison
| 9th January 2014
Ellie Harrison explains how her concerns about climate change led to her founding two dynamic campaigns to make Britain's vital national infrastructure publicly owned and accountable once more.

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Oklahoma goes for Wind

Oliver Tickell
| 22nd October 2013
"Extraordinary pricing opportunities will lower utility costs by an estimated $53 million in the first year and even more thereafter."

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Dale Vince

Green Business: Ecotricity

Peter Salisbury
| 11th October 2011
It’s the biggest green energy company in the UK but that’s not enough for founder, Dale Vince. The next step, he tells Peter Salisbury, is to take on the ‘big six’ energy companies and show us all that renewables are the way forward

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Good energy

Green Business: Good Energy

Peter Salisbury
| 4th May 2011
In the latest in his exclusive series examining ethical businesses, Peter Salisbury reports on the rise of the leading eco-electricity supplier - and hears how it all started with a cocktail

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Beyond technofix

Richard Heinberg
| 9th June 2008
On 12 January, chief scientific adviser Sir David King told the Guardian, ‘any approach that does not focus on technological solutions to climate change – including nuclear power – is one of “utter hopelessness”.’

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