Sick as a pig

Jim Wickens
| 26th March 2009
Another strain of MRSA is emerging from the factory farms of Northern Europe, and it is linked to the insatiable demand for cheap meat on our plates. The Ecologist Film Unit investigates

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Animal Testing: Science or Fiction?

Kathy Archibald
| 24th March 2009
MPs, medical professionals and scientists unite in demanding a thorough evaluation of the utility of vivisection. By Kathy Archibald, Science Director of Europeans for Medical Progress

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How to improve indoor air quality

Laura Sevier
| 3rd March 2009
If you thought you could hide from smoke and smog indoors, you've got another thing coming. Laura Sevier takes a look at the problem of in-house pollution, and offers advice on what you can do to clear the air

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Paint for Life

Matilda Lee
| 16th February 2009
Quick fading and blandly coloured they are not. Eco paints may be thicker and require a primer but the benefits, not least to our health, outweigh the extra labour writes Matilda Lee

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10 things you didn't know about bird flu

Dr Michael Greger
| 4th February 2009
A dose of flu in winter is as inevitable as a broken boiler – and usually as harmless. But as public health expert Dr Michael Greger explains, intensive farming of animals around the globe may mean we are hatching out an influenza timebomb

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Teflon Out of the Frying Pan

Pat Thomas
| 8th December 2008
Credited in the Guiness book of records as the world's most slippery substance, Teflon has escaped the scrutiny of environmental regulators for 50 years. Now evidence suggests that the chemicals that leak from the Teflon pans during cooking may be more harmful to the environment and human health that DDT

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Bolgs and Comments

Who Was Killed By Cock Robin?

Malcolm Tait
| 25th November 2008
Across, the pond, the news that one of the US's most iconic birds might be helping to spread the West Nile virus is about as welcome as suggesting Jesus was a communist

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Green Living_52.jpg

'This is big'

Joss Garman
| 1st November 2008
‘Britain’s astounding retreat from reason is now legitimising anarchy.’ That was the conclusion of the hotblooded screaming radical Melanie Phillips, writing for The Spectator.

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Tipping the balance

William Laurance
| 20th June 2008
Are they environmental doom-mongering, journalistic hype or the straw that breaks the camel's back? William Laurance examines the complexities of tipping points - those small changes in a natural system that can sometimes provoke sudden and irrevocable collapse

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i am stressed.jpg

Enjoying the collapse so far?

Richard Heinberg
| 19th June 2008
Take relentless population growth. Add decades of expanding per capita resource consumption. Simmer slowly over rising global temperatures. What do you get? Traumatic information. That is, information that wounds us through the very act of obtaining it.

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