Badger baiting network exposed by BBC Wales investigation

Catherine Harte
| 8th June 2018
Badger baiting is as popular as ever - and the true scale of the crime remains unknown, according to an investigation by BBC Wales. The Investigates programme infiltrated a gang over a six month period to expose its cruel and illegal activity, writes CATHERINE HARTE

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Getting the best Brexit deal for farm animals

Catherine Harte
| 26th March 2018
Today, 80 percent of current animal welfare legislation comes from EU law. But animal charities are concerned that post-Brexit new trade agreements could be made with countries with lower standards. The RSPCA is calling for the government to use Brexit as an opportunity to incentivise famers to increase their levels of animal welfare. CATHERINE HARTE reports

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Behind the eco labels: Freedom Food

Pat Thomas
| 1st April 2007
Freedom Food was set up in 1994 by the RSPCA as the first farm-assurance scheme to concentrate primarily on animal welfare. The Freedom Food mark found on eggs, dairy, meat, poultry and salmon products means the animals involved have been reared, handled, transported and slaughtered to standards devised and monitored by the RSPCA.

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