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The zombie technofix

Corporate Watch
| 25th January 2019
Relying on unproven technologies such as Carbon Capture and Storage is a dangerous distraction from the more systematic changes required to tackle climate change.

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YEGEP Guard Station

Coal and Corruption: The Battle for Gerze

Chris Walker
Morgan Hartley
| 17th August 2012
After years of protest, plans by the Anadolu Group to build a coal power plant in the seaside town of Gerze are awaiting the go-ahead from the Turkish government. But protest group YEGEP are not giving up without a fight

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Merchants of Doubt

Phil England
| 10th September 2010
In a hard-hitting new investigation, Naomi Oreskes & Erik M. Conway report on the scientists prepared to distort the truth on the key issues of our time - from tobacco to climate change to coal fired power stations

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