Science & Technology

e-Recycling: Why we must and how we can

Andrew Del Prado
| 16th July 2013
Andrew Del Prado argues that society's attitude to recycling electronic gadgets is lagging far behind our desire to create the technology in the first place, and tells the Ecologist how his organisation is trying to combat this trend.....

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GM Manifesto: Not just a question of science

Pat Thomas
| 1st July 2013
In the midst of a growing list of bizarre decisions taken by the current UK government - particularly with regard to the environment - the recent commitment to growing more genetically modified crops must surely come out on top, argues Pat Thomas...

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Nature Engagement & Cycling

Susan Clark
| 19th June 2013
In week three of e-biking to work, a chance encounter with a fox leaves Susan Clark asking why we don't do more to stop habitat loss and protect our wildlife

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Electric Bikes - A New Generation

Susan Clark
| 3rd June 2013
With the World Electric Bike Championship looming at the end of the month, Ecologist Managing Editor Susan Clark is spending June getting to grips with two wheels, plus the bonus of a handy throttle for those long Devon hills. It's been some time since she got on any kind of bike - here's how she is getting on ....

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Data activism

The Ecologist guide to data activism

Christine Ottery
| 4th March 2011
You don't have to be a web geek to join the growing ranks of activists who have told powerful stories using data visualisation. Christine Ottery outlines how you can use data as a powerful tool to press for change

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