Sea levels

Dan Box Blog: Morning in Tinputz

Dan Box
| 29th April 2009
I slept in my clothes last night, on the bare wooden floor of one of the houses the first boatload of people to be evacuated from the Carteret Islands are building for their families. It was a jet-black night in the small clearing hacked out amid the jungle, the dark broken only by our two candles and the lights of Fireflies jigging in the trees.

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The world's first environmental refugees

Dan McDougall
| 30th January 2009
The disappearance of Lohachara beneath the waters of the Bay of Bengal created the world’s first environmental refugees. Dan McDougall reports on other islanders in the Sundarbans delta who have no escape from the rising ocean. Photography by Robin Hammond

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The Vanishing Arctic

Vivienne Raper
| 4th October 2007
One of the most memorable parts of Al Gore’s film 'An Inconvenient Truth' was the cartoon polar bear trying to climb on the last piece of sea-ice in the Arctic, failing, and despondently swimming off into the sunset. With scientists this week reporting that autumn Arctic sea-ice coverage reached a record low this year, Al Gore’s cartoon may not be as far-fetched as it seems.

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Embracing the waters

21st August 2007
Sustainable cities will welcome floods rather than building defences, say futurologists at the Royal Institute of British Architects.

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Arctic sea ice free by 2030, say scientists

20th August 2007
Arctic sea ice is melting faster than climate models predicted and there is less sea ice in the Arctic now than at any time since records began, scientists from the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC) have discovered.

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Safe as Houses?

Jon Hughes
Rebecca Bole
| 1st July 2007
The insurance industry is set to abandon two million British homeowners to the perils of climate change. Jon Hughes and Rebecca Bole report

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IPCC Report: We are the problem

2nd February 2007
The IPCC, a UN based organisation made up of over 1200 climate experts from 40 countries and the most respected global authority on Climate Change science, has said the rise in global temperatures could be as high as 6.4°C by 2100. The report also predicts sea level rises and increases in the frequency of hurricanes.

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The Stern Review: Editors Comment

Jon Hughes
| 1st December 2006
Sir Nicholas Stern was asked to find out what way of averting climate change was economically feasible. A loaded question that has allowed him to find a perverse solution to a fatal problem.

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Crossing the threshold

Peter Bunyard
| 1st February 2004
It takes no more than a gentle nudge to push a man over the edge of a cliff, but it is almost impossible to haul him back before he hits the ground. Given that we show no sign of putting a stop to global warming, Peter Bunyard takes a look at what the future might hold

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Death of Venice

Tony Zamparutti
| 20th March 2001
This month a construction consortium will start pouring millions of tons of rock and cement into the Venice Lagoon – one of the Mediterranean’s most important wetlands. The consortium claims the dam project will ‘save’ the city from flooding. But the project failed its environmental impact assessment, threatens the ecology of the lagoon and – with global warming and rising sea-levels –may not even protect Venice anyway. Tony Zamparutti reports from Italy.

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