Buy nothing day

Conrad Schmidt
| 27th November 2008
Buy Nothing Day is an annual event to protest our consumerist culture. Consumers are encouraged across the world to stay out of malls and put their wallets back in their pockets for just one day. Started back in 1992 in Vancouver, Canada by Ted Dave, it was popularized by the Adbusters media foundation and it has spread to become an international day of action.

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The end of an affair

Robert Llewellyn
| 14th February 2008
I’ve just been shopping. I went to London, walked into shops and bought things. New things. Not many – in fact my little pile of shopping bags is tragically small. I rapidly got bored and tired, and came back home.

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Bolgs and Comments

I’m the Reverend Billy

Billy Talen
| 1st March 2005
We interrupt our regular programming for a moral advisory…
‘Endangerment of life is ignored when it is real, but sold in bulk when it’s a good enough apocalypse for a movie’

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