Woman looks at hundreds of old mobile phones

Reconnecting with ethics: an alternative future for smartphones

Katie Dancey-Downs
| 19th March 2018
The number of people using smartphones has exploded - 95 percent of Americans own a mobile phone. But when technology grows quickly, the ethics can get left behind with human rights abuses and environmental damage. So how are we going to get to another, more ethical future? Lush Times reporter KATIE DANCEY-DOWNS investigates

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Person using a mobile phone

Not so smart: inside the hazardous world of making smartphones

Kathryn Hindess
| 2nd March 2018
Lithium-ion batterie mean your smartphone is light enough to carry around in your pocket. But the raw materials are associated with child labour, forced labour, corruption and the exposure of communities to dust contaminated with toxic metals. We have a serious problem with our smartphones, argues KATHRYN HINDESS

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