Species Extinction


Return of Britain's native species

Robin McKie
| 8th June 2009
The first great bustards born in the wild in the UK since 1832 hatched last week. The reintroduction of this and many other species is invigorating the countryside, but eradicating foreign invaders - animals and plants - is equally important

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Possum or polar bear?

William Laurance
| 8th April 2009
With global warming putting pressure on animals and biodiversity in the tropics, is it time we had a new poster child for climate change, asks William Laurance

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CASE STUDY: from campaign group to Westminster

Dixe Wills
| 20th March 2009
From chasing endangered parrots to hunting for the environmental holy grail with Friends of the Earth, one of Britain's pre-eminent eco campaigners wants to take his quest for a better, greener world to the halls of Westminster.
Dixe Wills meets a man on a mission

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Grey Area

Malcolm Tait
| 13th February 2009
The increasingly loathed 'tree rat' may not be to blame for the red squirrel's decline after all

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EU wild-parrot scandal

Tony Juniper
| 3rd January 2009
A decade and a half after conservationists wrung from the European Parliament a commitment to end the trade, the EU remains the largest importer of parrots in the world.

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UN report assesses the worth of the natural world

1st July 2008
Just as Sir Nicholas Stern’s report in October 2006 put a price on the effects of climate change, a new report by the UN has begun to cost out the threat of failing to conserve the world’s biodiversity – a cool £40 billion annually, and rising.

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A green army

Andrew Wasley
| 1st June 2008
Natural resources,are increasingly responsible for fuelling violence across the world. Now some environmentalists want to fight back – using force if necessary.

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Bad news, bears

Nick Kettles
| 1st March 2008
From Catalonia in the South, through the Ariège and Béarn, to the Basque country in the North, both locals and tourists are used to seeing Nationalist slogans daubed in white paint on Pyrenean mountain roads. But now a new clarion call is vying for their attention: Non Ours (no bears) and Mort aux Ours (death to the bears.)

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Dead as a dolphin?

Malcolm Tait
| 1st April 2007
Another animal’s gone extinct. But this time it’s one of our most beloved creatures – a dolphin. Malcolm Tait reports on a species loss that is more than just another statistic

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On the EDGE

Mark Anslow
| 16th January 2007
A new programme from the Zoological Society of London promises to protect endangered and little-known species

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EDGing forward

Mark Anslow
| 10th January 2007
The Zoological Society of London has today launched a new programme to draw attention to the bizarre, unusual and endangered.

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England Vanishing

22nd September 2006
How do we define ourselves in time and space? A new book England In Particular suggests it is the commonplace, the local and the distinctive that tells us where we are

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