Rewilding Spirituality

Kara Moses
| 21st February 2017

Efforts to address the planetary crisis must include a contemporary spiritual ecology to cultivate the deep humility and fierce resolve required to live sustainably and create a new story about the place of humanity in a post-capitalist world, writes KARA MOSES

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Schumacher College celebrates 25 years of ecological teaching

Satish Kumar
Editor Emeritus
| 22nd August 2016
They said it would never work but time has proved those critics wrong. As the inspirational and pioneering Devon centre that combines ecology and spiritual learning celebrates its 25th anniversary, founder and Editor Emeritus of Resurgence & Ecologist, SATISH KUMAR, describes the flourishing of this remarkable and pioneering place of learning

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My Spiritual Journey

2nd February 2016
Satish Kumar, environment activist and editor-in-chief at Resurgence & Ecologist magazine, is giving a talk at Alternatives on 14 March about his personal journey both spiritual and physical.

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Mumta Ito, co-founder of the International Centre for Wholistic Law.

Defending Nature with 'wholistic law'

Mumta Ito
| 20th December 2013
Mumta Ito is the founder of the International Centre for Wholistic Law, which aims to realign the application and methodology of law with the universal laws that govern all life. She began by telling The Ecologist how her journey began in an improbable place ...

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'Holistic' gardening?

Paul Kingsnorth
| 1st February 2008
A year ago, my brother, who is probably a better gardener than me (even though he does insist on giving half his land over to mangel-wurzels, whatever they are) gave me a book called "Gardening and Planting by the Moon"

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