Food and energy: a clash of giants

Maryann Bird
| 18th October 2007
Two critical markets are pursuing a stressed planet’s renewable resources, presenting policymakers with complex and difficult choices. The Worldwatch Institute’s latest look at Earth’s “vital signs” sees dangerous times ahead as the “sustainability crisis” unfolds. China Dialogue's Maryann Bird investigates

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The Ecologist's 'Real Green Budget'

Mark Anslow
| 23rd March 2007
Environmentalists had waited with baited breath for the Chancellor's 2007 Budget. Gordon Brown had intimated that it would be the 'greenest ever'. In fact, it was a resounding disappointment.

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Not so much 'green' as 'cabbage looking'

Molly Scott Cato
| 22nd March 2007
Gordon Brown's Budget was disappointing. But not just because of its economic niceties. It fails to address key issues which have become taboo amongst economists - money, debt and economic growth. Molly Scott Cato, a green economist and Senior Lecturer in Social Economy at the Cardiff School of Management, addresses all three...

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Solutions for a farming future

Steven Gorelick
| 7th June 2000
Steven Gorelick lays out just a few of the policy changes, priority shifts and new approaches that could help save rural life, and lead to more sustainable farming

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