Tetrapak cartons

How green are tetrapak food cartons?

Emilie Filou
| 19th January 2010
They're becoming more and more common - wrapped around everything from milk to chickpeas. But just how environmentally friendly are composite cartons compared to the good, old-fashioned tin or jar?

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Bent Bananas

Joanna Blythman
| 13th January 2009
The economies of whole islands in the Caribbean face ruin if the WTO, acting at the behest of US-owned multinationals, forces the EU to end preferential trade agreements with small-scale West Indian banana producers

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Whole Foods failure

Chris Milton
| 1st March 2008
Only a few years ago, stories about Whole Foods Market became famous for their poetic quality, as journalists waxed lyrical about how the fresh, organic fruit in their stores was proof that you could be a successful business while remaining environmentally friendly. Last year, however, sustained questioning by consumers and regulators alike saw the shine come off the company’s glossy image.

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Green Living_12.jpg

Mum's gone bin-fishing...

| 27th September 2007
It’s last orders at the bar in a certain vegan pub in a certain British city, and my friend Daisy checks casually, ‘Do you need to get any food in? We could do with a bit of veg…’

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