fish oil capsules spilling from a vitamin pill bottle

How long until health foods become illegal?

Chris Milton
| 23rd March 2010
A huge number of UK citizens take food supplements or buy health food products, yet new legislation threatens to either remove these items from our shelves, restrict their dosages or ban them from making any health claims

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Hidden Agenda

The Ecologist
| 1st June 2003
If you are one of the many millions of people who rely on vitamins and supplements to maintain their health and conquer illness, it’s time for you to get active. The Ecologist explains why

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Vitamins: what's the real story?

Lynne McTaggart
| 10th June 2000
For the last several months, newspapers in Britain have been overflowing with reports that vitamins are bad for our health. The most recent and most damaging of these concerns the supposed discovery, given worldwide publicity, that vitamin C can clog the arteries. Lynne McTaggart deciphers the medical truth

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