sustainable development

Testing CO2 levels in a forest

A 'forest time machine'

Fiona Franklin
Alan Jones
| 8th October 2018
Earthwatch is working collaboratively to help businesses reach the Sustainable Development Goals through hands-on science and engagement.

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Srinivas Krishnaswamy

Why India doesn't need World Bank energy funding

Matilda Lee
| 3rd June 2011
Ahead of the release of the World Bank's revised energy strategy, the Ecologist speaks to sustainable development advocate Srinivas Krishnaswamy about why despite huge gigawatt power projects, 45 per cent of India's households still lack electricity

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Green Living_51.jpg

An eco injection

Joss Garman
| 30th April 2009
Barack Obama and Ban Ki Moon, Labour and the Conservatives, green groups and trade unionists, Nicholas Stern and even Peter Mandelson - everybody is talking about a 'Green New Deal'. Faced with an economic downturn, climate breakdown and an energy system in need of billions of new investment anyway, the idea is simple and attractive.

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Green Living_52.jpg

'This is big'

Joss Garman
| 1st November 2008
‘Britain’s astounding retreat from reason is now legitimising anarchy.’ That was the conclusion of the hotblooded screaming radical Melanie Phillips, writing for The Spectator.

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The Forest King

Andrew Wasley
| 7th August 2008
It was bred to aid the rural poor, but one bird is also helping break industrialised farming’s stranglehold on India. Andrew Wasley meets the remarkable Giriraja

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The end of food as we know it

Joanna Blythman
| 1st March 2008
It’s 2008, and feeding ourselves has never been easier. We take for granted a supply of every agricultural commodity on the planet, 365 days a year. Food is cheap. Never in living memory have we spent less on it as a proportion of our total expenditure. Even our poorest citizens can afford the luxury foods of yesteryear, like salmon and chicken.

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