A question of meat

Audio: how much meat and dairy is sustainable?

Louise Parry
| 11th December 2009
A new report by the Sustainable Development Commission warns that, for the good of our health and the environment, we must reduce our meat and dairy consumption. By how much, asks Louise Parry, in this exclusive audio report

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A meaty issue

Simon Fairlie
| 1st October 2008
Our excessive appetite for meat is taking a heavy toll on the planet, but as Simon Fairlie explains, the arguments used to depict omnivores as environmental super-villains are far too simplistic.

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Drizzle with care

Laura Sevier
| 7th August 2008
With vast areas decimated by industrial farming, the salad days are over for mass-produced olive oil. Laura Sevier looks at the effect its rise in popularity has had on the European landscape, and at some more sustainable brands.

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