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Titnore vs. Tesco

Jan Goodey
| 9th April 2009
One of the country’s longest standing tree-camps is determined to see off Tesco, its planned new hyperstore and allied £3bn development at Titnore Woods, Durrington, near Worthing.

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The future of waterways

Tom Savory
| 1st January 2008
Parliament has recommended it, Sainsbury’s has tried it and Tesco is doing it, but what is the future for sustainable transport along the UK’s inland waterways?

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Andrew Simms' book, Tescopoly

Andrew Simms
| 7th June 2007
Confused when shopping? Wondering if, when you go into the nation’s favourite supermarket, you’re getting the maximum green bang for your buck? Andrew Simms’ latest book, Tescopoly, is a forensic investigation of all things Tesco – including the chain’s green and ethical credentials. Forget the hype, he says, Tesco’s most recent charm offensive, the Good Neighbour policy, launched in May 2006, isn’t good enough. Could Britain’s largest retailer do it better? Take a look at Tesco’s Plan A – then read Plan B

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Competition Commission - what is it good for?

12th April 2007
Unless the Competition Commission fails to act to curb the power of supermarket chain Tesco, 'people will be justified in questioning exactly what the Commission is for', says Andrew Simms, Director of the think-tank the New Economics Foundation (NEF).

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Neighbourless Hoods

Paul Kingsnorth
| 1st December 2005
Churches turned into pubs. Brooding Victorian warehouses replaced with sparkly identikit apartments. Family shops and independent cafes bankrupted by Starbucks, Tesco’s et al. When will we wake up to this grim, placeless reality?

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Every little helps: TESCO

Jeremy Smith
| 1st September 2004
Are you a ‘premium loyal’, a ‘loyal low spender’, a ‘can’t stay away’… or don’t you care? Tesco does, and uses the data collected from your loyalty card to dictate what you buy, when you buy and how much you buy.

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Beware the buyer

Joanna Blythman
| 1st September 2004
Supermarkets are keen to portray themselves as loyal and supportive business partners, nurturing suppliers in their quest for the best deal for consumers.

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