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How climate change could intensify plague among black-tailed prairie dogs in the American West

Justice Burnaugh
| 19th February 2018
Mention the plague and people naturally think of the Black Death during the14th Century. Antibiotics have since made the plague a curable disease. But the plague is today sterilising ecosystems in the Western United States. And a warming climate could intensify these outbreaks and expand the plague’s range farther north and into higher altitudes. JUSTICE BURNAUGH investigates

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COP23 is drawing to a close - but what will be its legacy?

Ukraine proposal to position energy companies at the center of climate action

Arthur Wyns
| 17th November 2017
The UN climate negotiations in Bonn have turned out to be of a very technical nature, with much of the Rulebook to be laid out that is needed to implement the Paris Agreement (PA) by 2020. Almost unnoticed, however, a proposal that is the first of its kind in UN history has been laid on the table at the end of the first week of COP23. ARTHUR WYNES reports.

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