Uranium from Russia, with love

Nick Meynen
| 4th August 2016
Uranium mining is a dirty business that we didn't clean up but sourced out to less demanding countries, so why isn't this being discussed in any debate about nuclear energy asks NICK MEYNEN

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 Memorial stone to Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and UN Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson. "In remembrance of a dedicated internationalist and a committed social democrat on the tenth anniversary of the sad loss of Bernt Carlsso

Flight 103: it was the Uranium

Patrick Haseldine
| 6th January 2014
Mystery continues to surround the 1988 downing of Panam Flight 103 at Lockerbie - who did it, how, and why? After 25 years study of the topic Patrick Haseldine reveals the shocking truth.

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Calcite with boltwoodite encrustations from the Rossing uranium mine in Namibia. Photo:  Striving to a goal via Flickr.com.

Why Flight 103?

Patrick Haseldine
| 21st December 2013
On the 25th anniversary of the Lockerbie bombing of Pan Am flight 103, Patrick Haseldine uncovers some salient facts that may shed light on the tragedy.

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Explosion cloud from the Operation Hurricane atomic bomb test, 3 October 1952.

Cancer, nuclear bombs and dirty tricks

Chris Busby
| 19th December 2013
Following a campaign of dirty tricks a decisive case in Britain's nuclear test veterans fight for justice will reach the High Court in June 2014, writes Chris Busby. The case will also put on trial the dominant risk model for radiation and human health.

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Power On - Nuclear Power

Jon Hughes
Mark Anslow
| 1st November 2007
Even among green campaigners, nuclear energy is quietly gaining ground as a potential solution to the impending energy crisis. However several issues – particularly those of raw materials, cost and waste – remain unaddressed within the mainstream of opinion.

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The Nuclear Dossier

Jon Hughes
| 1st June 2006
Think nuclear power and you probably thing of small amounts of highly radioactive material, safely encased in vast concrete bunkers, generating an endless and constant supply of clean electricity. Yes it's expensive and clearly there is a problem with nuclear waste, but if it is the answer to climate change then why not?

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