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John Papworth
| 1st February 2007
Don’t wait for Dave or Tony to give you a hug. If you are dissatisfied with your leaders, take control of your own

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The Great Garden Grab

Jack Shamash
| 1st February 2007
You may see your garden as a spare room or a place to be in touch with nature, but changes to planning rules mean it is likely to attract higher council tax if it hasn’t already been snapped up by a developer. Jack Shamash reports

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CASE STUDY: Alan Simpson MP - my super energy-efficient house

The Ecologist
| 1st May 2006
Alan Simpson, MP for Nottingham South, is on a mission. ‘We can’t survive this century unless we change fundamentally the built environment and move from thinking of buildings as consumers of energy, to thinking of them as generators of electricity.' Ben Willis meets the rarest of breeds, an MP who’s walking the talk.

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Medication nation

Mark White
| 16th December 2005
Too fat, too thin, too sad, too happy... Whatever the problem Biotech is developing a vaccine or a pill to cure us. Mark White examines the consequences of a world where all our worries can be medicated away.

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Neighbourless Hoods

Paul Kingsnorth
| 1st December 2005
Churches turned into pubs. Brooding Victorian warehouses replaced with sparkly identikit apartments. Family shops and independent cafes bankrupted by Starbucks, Tesco’s et al. When will we wake up to this grim, placeless reality?

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Many Happy Returns

Bridget Nicholls
| 21st November 2005
If you go down to Barnes today you're in for a big surprise. The sterile concrete of a former reservoir has been turned into a world renowned haven for birds and wildlife. Bridget Nicholls wises a happy fifth birthday to the London Wetland Centre

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Duck Pond Turns Newsworthy

Malcolm Tait
| 11th November 2005
A simple vist to feed the ducks hits the headlines and highlights the way in which humans both love nature and are also doing their best to destroy it

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