Vegetarianism and Veganism

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Corporate organics

Ed Hamer
| 22nd May 2008
Can big ever be beautiful where organic foods are concerned? Ed Hamer gets to grips with one of the environmental consumer’s greatest dilemmas

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The end of food as we know it

Joanna Blythman
| 1st March 2008
It’s 2008, and feeding ourselves has never been easier. We take for granted a supply of every agricultural commodity on the planet, 365 days a year. Food is cheap. Never in living memory have we spent less on it as a proportion of our total expenditure. Even our poorest citizens can afford the luxury foods of yesteryear, like salmon and chicken.

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Mum's gone bin-fishing...

| 27th September 2007
It’s last orders at the bar in a certain vegan pub in a certain British city, and my friend Daisy checks casually, ‘Do you need to get any food in? We could do with a bit of veg…’

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Special Report Supermarkets: Chicken

Felicity Lawrence
| 1st September 2004
Wander down the meat aisle of any supermarket and you will find mountains of chicken being sold at unbelievably cheap prices. The real reasons for this cannot be found on the label.

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Adopt a veg

Alexandra Abrahams
| 1st October 2003
Have you ever heard of – let alone tasted – the Rats Tail radish, the Crookneck squash or the Prince of Prussia pea? We report on what’s being done to save Britain’s rich agricultural heritage.

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Nasty, Brutish & Short

Sally Fallon
| 1st July 2003
In the 1930s US dentist Weston Price travelled the world to study the diets of ‘primitive’ peoples. He found a startling lack of disease and proof that a system of environmentally-friendly local food production is the best way to ensure human health.

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