The Whitley Fund for Nature

'A rich conservationist is a rare species'

Wendyrosie Scott
| 15th May 2018
Cash for conservationism is crucial if projects are to have a meaningful, long-lasting impact. That's why the continued funding of the Whitley Awards - the so-called "green oscars" of the conservation world - is essential, says WENDYROSIE SCOTT

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Battle to save the eastern lowland gorilla earns 2018 Whitley Award

Catherine Harte
| 26th April 2018
The eastern lowland gorilla, found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is now critically endangered, with only 4,000 individuals surviving. Dominique Bikaba, a conservationist working to save this incredible ape - a close relative to humans - was last night presented with a 'Green Oscar', writes CATHERINE HARTE

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