Pruning vines at Sedlescombe

Biodynamic British bubbly

Hazel Sillver
| 12th December 2013
The UK's first biodynamic sparkling white wine is available in time for Christmas. Hazel Sillver visited its creator, Sedlescombe Organic Vineyard in East Sussex, to find out more.

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Making Sense of Swine Flu

Pat Thomas
| 1st April 2009
In the last few years the Ecologist has written extensively on the flu – both the garden variety that strikes us on an annual basis and the wider threat of avian influenza, H5N1.

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Digging for gold

Monty Waldin
| 3rd March 2009
Once again, Monty Waldin gets down on his hands and knees to pay homage to the cosmic forces bringing flavour and strength to biodynamic wine

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Bio what?

Monty Waldin
| 2nd March 2009
Monty Waldin's thirst for good wines leads him to visit a biodynamic farm. More than just a load of bull, he finds, making rich, complex wines requires quality cow manure

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7th August 2007
Eco-labelled wine corks have just hit the market in a move to protect cork forests, which are threatened by a switch to metal screw top and plastic stoppers

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