Red wolves are clinging on to existence in a few thousand kilometres of the southeastern US. Photo: B. Bartel / USFWS, CC BY-SA

Red wolf extinction fear as US budget cuts bite

Joseph Hinton
| 7th July 2014
The US Fish and Wildlife Service has done pioneering conservation work to save North America's endangered Red Wolf, under threat from shooting and inter-breeding with coyotes. But now federal budget cuts are putting all that - and the Red wolf itself - at risk.

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The Kill - two wolves chowing down on what used to be a deer. Photo: Patrick Bell via Flickr.com.

Idaho wolf eradication challenged

The Ecologist
| 10th January 2014
Conservation groups have mounted a legal challenge to an 'unprecedented' program to exterminate two entire wolf packs in the Idaho Wilderness - intended to inflate elk numbers and attract recreational hunters

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Vigilantes in Wyoming Enact 'Justice' Against Wolves

Wolf slaughter is un-American

William Gibson
| 4th November 2013
The return of the wolf to the USA's Northern Rockies has brought out some dark undercurrents in American culture and history. A spineless political establishment has fallen into line.

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Yellowstone wolf

Sacrificial Wolves of Yellowstone

Jeffrey St. Clair
| 29th October 2013
Jeffrey St.Clair investigates the shooting of wolves on the boundaries of the Yellowstone National Park, and discovers a toxic mix of politics, blood lust and wilful abandonment of the rule of law.

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Cry wolf

Jeremy Smith
| 17th December 2005
What remains of the once mighty Caledonian Forest is fast being eroded by an ever-increasing population of deer. Without reintroducing their natural predator, the wolf, to the wilds of Scotland, the forest and its ecosystem is in danger of disappearing forever. By Jeremy Smith

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