Join the People's Walk for Wildlife

Tony Juniper
| 21st September 2018
Tomorrow (Saturday) thousands of people will go to Hyde Park to join The People’s Walk for Wildlife to demonstrate support for action to reverse the collapse in nature going on all around us. TONY JUNIPER reports

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Emmanuel Macron

WWF urges French president to stop mining project

Pascal Canfin
| 18th April 2018
Plans to mine for gold in French Guiana will have a 'catastrophic impact on the environment'. WWF has launched an awareness campaign calling on the public to petition Emmanuel Macron, the French president to stop the controversial Montagne d'Or project. PASCAL CANFIN, the chief executive of WWF France, explains why

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Sumatran forest

7 ways to help stop tropical deforestion & illegal logging

Peter Dauvergne
Jane Lister
| 11th March 2011
A store like Walmart can wield more power than a country over a logging company - especially in the global South. But what's good for Walmart is not always good for the planet. Peter Dauvergne & Jane Lister outline 7 key tools for retailers to limit the impacts of timber consumption

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Working on a wind turbine

Three positive reports hammer home wind message

Eifion Rees
| 13th July 2009
Inconsistent wind is no impediment to the generation of electricity by turbines, three separate reports have concluded, as well as showing that the National Grid is more than able to cope with increased investment in wind energy

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