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  • Ventilator Gate

    Jonathan Neale
    | 3rd April 2020
    'If you are vulnerable, like me, the information in this article may be terrifying. But this information is crucial if you and those you love are to stay safe.'

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  • Natasha Johl

    The right to life

    Ana Ilba Torres Torres
    David Rodríguez Goyes
    Gunkeywia Torres Chaparro
    | 3rd April 2020
    The Arhuaco people eat meat, but still have much in common with vegans.

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  • Degrowth

    Coronavirus and degrowth

    Anitra Nelson
    Vincent Liegey
    | 3rd April 2020
    New critical guide to degrowth argues that we can improve people’s lives simply by sharing what we already have more fairly and investing in public goods.

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