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    Exxon may stop funding climate deniers

    15th June 2007
    ExxonMobil, the notorious US oil giant at the top of environmentalists' 'most wanted' list, has said it may stop funding controversial think-tanks which produce research claiming that climate change is not happening.

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  • George Monbiot

    14th June 2007
    Veteran environmentalist George Monbiot explains why climate change is the moral issue of our time, why preventing a 2 degree rise in global temperature is crucial, and why we seem to want politicians to talk the talk but are terrified of them walking the walk.

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    Box-scheme baby food

    Matilda Lee
    | 14th June 2007
    Keen to have your little one avoid the over-processed, additive-packed diet of today’s obesity-prone youth? Then give your weaning baby healthy eating habits for life by starting them off with nutritious food easily made at home writes Matilda Lee

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    GM now organic

    13th June 2007
    Organic food can now contain almost 1 per cent genetically modified content, thanks to a new ruling by the EU.

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    Can lawyers save the world?

    James Thornton
    | 12th June 2007
    A new species of eco-lawyer is emerging from the legal undergrowth. James Thornton advocates a wig-and-gown approach so campaigners can strengthen their case against unethical corporations

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    Time to green your PC

    11th June 2007
    As awareness grows of the huge and swelling carbon footprint made by the world’s IT infrastructure, the government has launched a task-force to green our PCs.

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    Waste not, want not

    8th June 2007
    What is waste? In the natural world, the answer is nothing. In human society, the answer is whatever happens to be classified as waste.

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    Andrew Simms' book, Tescopoly

    Andrew Simms
    | 7th June 2007
    Confused when shopping? Wondering if, when you go into the nation’s favourite supermarket, you’re getting the maximum green bang for your buck? Andrew Simms’ latest book, Tescopoly, is a forensic investigation of all things Tesco – including the chain’s green and ethical credentials. Forget the hype, he says, Tesco’s most recent charm offensive, the Good Neighbour policy, launched in May 2006, isn’t good enough. Could Britain’s largest retailer do it better? Take a look at Tesco’s Plan A – then read Plan B

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    Zac, the Prince, and the eco-cars

    Rosalie Portman
    | 6th June 2007
    On Monday, Zac Goldsmith and Prince Charles test drove a series of environmentally friendly vehicles at an event arranged by Revolve, a charity which promotes sustainable transport.

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    Slow fashion

    Kate Fletcher
    | 1st June 2007
    Fast fashion is about greed. Kate Fletcher says it’s time to slow down and consider the true cost of choosing quantity over quality

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    Irish eyes are smiling

    30th May 2007
    Environment Secretary David Miliband's proposed reforms to the British waste collection system have caused no end of bitter debate. But would the public be more welcoming if the Secretary of State took a leaf out of Ireland's book?

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