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    Public money to sex-up GM

    1st January 2001
    Public money to the tune of £131,000 has been spent on a report that claims to have found farmers ‘upbeat’ about genetic modification – despite its authors having interviewed only 30 farmers, half of whom had already grown GM crops.

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    A better kind of justice

    Nandor Tanczos
    | 13th June 2000
    Nandor Tanczos thinks the modern legal system could learn a lot from traditional ideas of justice, such as those of the Maori people

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    Vitamins: what's the real story?

    Lynne McTaggart
    | 10th June 2000
    For the last several months, newspapers in Britain have been overflowing with reports that vitamins are bad for our health. The most recent and most damaging of these concerns the supposed discovery, given worldwide publicity, that vitamin C can clog the arteries. Lynne McTaggart deciphers the medical truth

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    Can we trust the media on the environment?

    David Edwards
    Caspar Henderson
    | 9th June 2000
    Are we getting the facts about the world from a free press, or being led astray by a corporate media uninterested in the real issues? Writer and thinker David Edwards argues it out with environmental journalist Caspar Henderson

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    Running with gorillas

    Beatrice Newbery
    Ian Player
    | 9th June 2000
    If trends continue the world’s great apes are doomed to extinction. But one unique rehabilitation project in West Africa is challenging this bleak picture. Beatrice Newbery reports

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    Stand up and be counted

    Tom Erik Økland
    | 8th June 2000
    A Norwegian research scientist can trace PCB pollution on the seabed along the Norwegian coast directly back to the manufacturer. Norwegian authorities are considering suing chemical giants such as Monsanto and Bayer for millions of pounds. They may now pay for their misdemeanours, says Tom Erik Økland

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    Solutions for a farming future

    Steven Gorelick
    | 7th June 2000
    Steven Gorelick lays out just a few of the policy changes, priority shifts and new approaches that could help save rural life, and lead to more sustainable farming

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    ECAs Exposed

    Simon Retallack
    | 7th June 2000
    By using taxpayers' money to back environmentally-destructive projects around the world, ECAs are lining the pockets of multinational companies at the expense of the planet. Export credit agencies, explains Simon Retallack, are the worlds largest public financiers of environmental destruction.

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    Deafness in the deep

    Leigh Calvez
    | 7th June 2000
    A new threat to whales, dolphins and other marine life exists in the worlds oceans, as the US Navys new sonar technology could have huge long-term effects on their whole way of life. Leigh Calvez reveals why the lords of the sea aren't singing any more.

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    Sausages, sauerkraut and cheese

    Sally Fallon
    | 6th June 2000
    How can the small, conscientious farmer survive in today’s ruthless, modern marketplace? How, in a system designed for giants, can the midget hope to prosper? Sally Fallon suggests ways that local food culture could be rejuvenated

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    Facing the farm crisis

    Steven Gorelick
    | 5th June 2000
    Big may look impressive, but life can be hell for the individual in agriculture today. The problems are vast and complex, and do not lend themselves to easy answers. So what is the agricultural crisis all about, and what can be done to tackle it? Steven Gorelick seeks out the true root of the crisis.

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    The Ecologist Film Unit

    30th November 1999
    The Ecologist Film Unit (EFU) is a unique new collaboration between The Ecologist magazine and Ecostorm, the world's leading ethical investigative agency. Specialising in innovative, hard-hitting documentaries and news investigations, the EFU makes films for online, television and film festival output.<br/><br/>Building on the Ecologist's reputation for agenda setting reporting on environmental issues and Ecostorm’s investigative film production skills, the EFU aims to lift the lid on a host of unreported environmental scandals, as well as spark debate and nurture original thinking.

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  • Worms

    The Ecologist
    | 30th November 1999
    Scientists have found that the UK’s common or garden earthworms are far more diverse than previously thought, a discovery with important consequences for agriculture.

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