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  • HMS Ambush sails into HM Clyde in September 2012 to begin sea trials. (c) Defence Images

    Small nuclear reactors are a 1950s mirage come back to haunt us

    Oliver Tickell
    | 24th October 2017
    The government is due to announce a £250 million support package for 'small modular reactors' his week, just as the price of wind and solar power contracts fall 10% below UK wholesale prices. OLIVER TICKELL argues that the Britain's 'civilian' nuclear power expenditure is actually a camouflaged subsidy to the UK's Trident nuclear missile system.

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  • A red snapper, whose trade may be underestimated by more than 70%, on ice at a fish market

    Fish trade 'hugely underestimates' global catches

    Jack Alexander
    | 20th October 2017
    New research has found major discrepancies in the reporting of fish stocks. JACK ALEXANDER reports on whether effective conservation attempts can ever be implemented without the ability to accurately track fish species in trade.

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  • An example of decentralised solar project installed in Morocco

    The importance of decentralised solar energy

    Lina Yassin & Arthur Wyns
    | 19th October 2017
    The implementation of solar cookers across Moroccan communities is proving to be a great example of how decentralisation of renewable energy is contributing to the energy independence of a country by LINA YASSIN & ARTHUR WYNS

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