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  • Architect's drawing of proposed new mine

    A new deep coal mine deep under the sea? Next to Sellafield? Really?

    Sam Moisha
    | 5th February 2018
    The first deep coal mine in Britain for thirty years is being proposed at Whitehaven, with the promise of new jobs in an old mining community. But the site is within five miles of Sellafield. Activists are concerned both about the definite contribution to climate change, as well as the potential threat of a nuclear accident. SAM MOISHA sets out their concerns

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  • A duck

    Let’s hear it for the mallards on World Wetlands Day

    Jordi Casamitjana
    | 1st February 2018
    When celebrating our wetlands for World Wetlands Day it is also good to spare a thought for the ducks who often die in them well before their time. A million ducks are shot each year for sport. That should not continue, argues JORDI CASAMITJANA of the League Against Cruel Sports

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  • The Dongria Kondh tribe

    Environmental protests succeed 20 percent of the time and 'compensation' rarely stops communities, research finds

    Joan Martinez-Alier
    | 31st January 2018
    Protects against the extraction of fossil fuels and other natural resources - ecological distribution conflicts - cannot simply be resolved by payments of compensation. That is because for most people outside of the corporate boardroom, money is not the primary concern. JOAN MARTINEZ ALIER, a leading academic, investigates

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  • Two butterflies

    Final flutter for Britain's most endangered butterfly?

    Harry Shepherd
    | 29th January 2018
    The population of High Brown Fritillaries in Britain has declined rapidly, due to changes in woodland management and, more recently, the abandonment of marginal hill land. But one charity hopes to save this precious winged insect. HARRY SHEPHERD from the National Trust reports

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  • Bee on red flower

    Neonics, Brexit and beyond

    Molly Scott Cato
    | 26th January 2018
    The expected ban on neonicotinoids to protect bees has rightly created a lot of buzz. But will Michael Gove as environment secretary ignore the chemicals industry lobby and retain regulations after Brexit? MOLLY SCOTT CATO, a Green party MEP, counsels vigilance

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  • Anti-Trump protesters

    Swiss protestors denounce Trump visit to Davos

    Nick Breeze
    | 24th January 2018
    A demonstration in Zurich, organised in less than a week, has attracted thousands of people from all walks of life, outraged by Donald Trump’s policies and telling the US President to stay away, NICK BREEZE reports

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  • pharmaceutical waste in Hyderabad, India

    Big Pharma fails to disclose antibiotic waste leaked from factories

    Madlen Davies
    Sam Loewenberg
    | 24th January 2018
    The Access to Medicine Foundation checked whether 18 household-name pharmaceutical giants publicly report how much antibiotic discharge they release into the environment. Guess how many firms revealed that information. MADLEN DAVIES and SAM LOEWENBERG from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism report

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  • Montage of mostly men speaking at Davos

    Four reasons why Davos is far from being our global economic saviour

    Katie Hodgetts
    | 23rd January 2018
    The annual World Economic Forum (WEF) in a luxury Swiss Ski Resort in Davos is underway. A great meeting of minds and money will discuss the 2018 agenda of ‘creating a shared future in a fractured world’. But is there a more ominous agenda: the protection of the powerful and the wealthy? KATIE HODGETTS investigates

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  • Trees near the coast

    Campaigners in Estonia warn of new threats to its unique forests

    Ronan J O'Shea
    | 22nd January 2018
    The most recent environmental report by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) reveals that Estonia is using its unique forests intensively. Forestry exports have increased and now make up five percent of exports. Ronan O'Shea visited the forests to meet the campaigners fighting to protect this incredible resource

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  • A long row of combine harvesters

    Will 'climate smart agriculture' serve the public interest - or the drive for growing profits for private corporations?

    Peter Newell
    Jennifer Clapp
    Zoe W. Brent
    | 19th January 2018
    'Climate smart agriculture' has become the buzz phrase at high level international policy discussions. But now there is a struggle over its definition. Is it the latest manifestation for corporate social responsibility or the title of a manifesto for real, grassroots led, change, ask PETER NEWELL, JENNIFER CLAPP and ZOE BRENT

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