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  • The Bambas mine

    Academic research confirms - more mining leads to more fighting

    Mario Pérez-Rincón
    Nick Meynen
    | 9th January 2018
    A recent academic study examined the data relating to growth in mining exports and the growth in environmental conflicts across Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. The correlation is almost perfect. MARIO PEREZ-RINCON and NICK MEYNEN examine how 'victims' of such conflict can become environmental ‘warriors’.

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  • A house made of wood

    How I discovered that woodlands, storytelling and connection will support resilience in our challenging times

    Brendan Montague
    | 8th January 2018
    Resilience is something of a buzzword - a necessary one in times of austerity and increased anxiety about work. BRENDAN MONTAGUE had read the literature about how being in nature, telling stories and connecting with people all increase resilience. And then he experienced it first hand when he attended a weekend workshop at Hazel Hill Woods in Salisbury. This is his story.

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  • Stressed? Slow your mind down in the forest

    Catherine Early
    | 5th January 2018
    New years’ resolutions typically consist of promises to exercise more, sleep better and generally be more healthy and less stressed. As everyone returns to work this can be a real challenge. A practice originating in Japan and now being trialled by the RSPB and on Forestry Commission holidays could help you achieve all this and more. CATHERINE EARLY reports

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  • A power station

    A just transition from coal demands a cross-regional sharing of benefits and costs

    Natalie Bennett
    | 4th January 2018
    The UK was among the countries which signed up to the Powering Past Coal alliance, launched at the Bonn climate talks. But with coal generating just two percent of power in August, meeting the target of 2025 is all to easy. For other European countries - Poland and Spain included - phasing out coal will be an even greater challenge. NATALIE BENNETT investigates.

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  • Wildlife conservation should not be a Western import

    Humphrey Kariuki
    | 20th December 2017
    The Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy is empowering a new generation of Kenyans to reclaim the conservationist narrative. HUMPRHEY KARIUKI, a patron of the society, explores how wildlife conservation in Africa is harmed by a Western dominated approach.

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