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  • As the sun sets around the world, the lights are turned on, but in some places, there are more lights that others. (c) NASA

    Stepping stone or leapfrog?

    Andrew J Conway
    | 6th October 2017
    New, decentralised forms of energy are taking shape. Will these new forms be a stepping stone to replicating the developed world's centralised power systems, or will they be a leapfrog to a new model of energy provision?. ANDREW J CONWAY reports.

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  • Biofuels and biofools

    Molly Scott Cato MEP
    | 2nd October 2017
    European politicians are enthralled to the biofuels lobby - they are living a fantasy and it’s time to wake up to the reality of an industry driving deforestation, land grabbing and poverty, says MOLLY SCOTT CATO MEP

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  • <p>Santiago Maldonado has been missing since 1st August 2017, via Facebook</p>

    The disappearance of Santiago Maldonado in 'Benetton’s stolen lands'

    Atus Mariqueo-Russell &amp; Carole Concha Bell
    | 1st October 2017
    Santiago Maldonado was last seen as he was being forcibly dragged away by military police in Argentina on 1st August. Today marks the two-month anniversary of his disappearance. The police and the security minister, Patricia Bullrich, both deny that they have detained him. ATUS MARIQUEO-RUSSELL and CAROLE CONCHA BELL report

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