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  • <p>People stand a top an ever growing rubbish dump sorting through waste in Brazil (c) Marcello Casal Jr./Agência Brasil</p>

    Our obsolescent economy: modern capitalism and 'throwaway culture'

    Steven Gorelick
    | 26th September 2017
    We live in a throwaway society. Innovation in the tech industries mean ever more powerful products come to market. But the death of repair shops and a culture of reliance is not simply the result of shiny new things. Corporations, and capitalism itself, requires planned obsolesce, argues STEVEN GORELICK

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  • Investing in companies producing greener, fair trade products could earn good returns and have less negative impact on the environment.

    Should greening your money be high on your to-do list?

    Becky O’Connor
    | 18th September 2017
    Investment is one way to ensure your impact on the environment is as positive as possible - and may even change the attitudes and behaviours of the industries where green investment takes hold. All investments involve risk and you can lose your money. But some claim to have less impact on the environment, says BECKY O'CONNOR

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  • 'The Batwa might be next door to the national park, but they are a world away when security of their ancestral land is so fundamental to their way of life.' (C) Lush

    Displaced in the DRC: Finding a home for the Batwa

    Katie Dancey-Downs
    | 13th September 2017
    Displaced from their ancestral land, the Batwa people of the Democratic Republic of Congo have faced years of instability. A new eco-village offers hope to the community, but fulfilling basic needs while still respecting cultural identities is a delicate balance. KATIE DANCEY-DOWNS reports

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  • Brexit is no oink-ment for live animal exports.

    Will Brexit spell the end for live animal exports?

    Keith Taylor MEP
    | 12th September 2017
    The Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day is planned for tomorrow. KEITH TAYLOR MEP examines whether Brexit and the withdrawal from the European Union will make it more likely that live animal exports will be stopped...

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