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  • Rooster

    IKEA withdraws its commitment to gold standard welfare for chickens

    Jack Alexander
    | 30th November 2017
    The Compassion in World Farming Good Chicken Award is being embraced by more multinational companies operating in more nations then ever before. But IKEA has just withdrawn from the programme in seven countries. JACK ALEXANDER reports on how IKEA's apparent lack of progress is completely at odds with the growing movement for higher welfare chicken production

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  • The Lemur Catta Face Lemur is one of many animals endemic to Madagascar, where over 90% of its wildlife is found nowhere else on Earth.

    Ambatovy: a tale of reverse development?

    Laurence Soustras
    | 23rd November 2017
    A planned nickel mine in Madagasca has led to numerous environmental problems, and whilst the mine continues to struggle the environmental concerns surrounding the project continue to grow. LAURENCE SOUSTRAS investigates.

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  • Lots of pigs on a farm

    The hidden £120 billion costs from Britain's food

    Emma Rose
    | 22nd November 2017
    A new report from the Sustainable Food Trust reveals that the £120 billion spent on food by UK consumers incur additional, hidden costs of a further £120 billion. The largest proportion of the hidden costs are from damaging impacts of intensive production methods and food-related healthcare, reports EMMA ROSE

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  • The evolution of armed conflict in Africa

    Curtis Abraham
    | 21st November 2017
    For a generation the nature of warfare in Africa has evolved due to technological advances. The scale of destructiveness in modern warfare has increased. This has had a negative impact on wildlife and its habitats, which had traditionally protected wild animals and environments. CURTIS ABRAHAM reports.

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  • Calling out the UK government about corporate financing at COP23

    Katie Hodgetts
    | 20th November 2017
    Barclays Bank was the supporting partner for the UK Pavillion at the COP23 climate negotiations in Bonn. The exhibit is supposed to 'showcase the UK’s role in tackling climate change'. But Barclays has been a key contributor to the current climate crisis, financing fossil fuel extraction to the tune of $4bn in 2016 alone. KATIE HODGETTS calls out the bank, and the government.

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  • President Santos: environmental saint or sinner?

    Catherine Early
    | 20th November 2017
    President Santos of Colombia has won awards for championing peace and biodiversity. He was in London recently to receive the Kew International Medal, the first head of state to be awarded the honour by the Royal Botanical Gardens (RGB) Kew. But not everyone is impressed, reports CATHERINE EARLY.

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