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  • Geothermal power plant

    Can geothermal become an affordable energy source?

    Emily Folk
    | 31st July 2018
    Developing the potential for renewable energy is essential to benefit both the planet and our health,. One renewable source with untapped potential is geothermal - but a cost-effective way to utilise the energy must still be found, writes EMILY FOLK.

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  • UK fracking go-ahead further chills the renewables sector

    Joseph Dutton
    | 27th July 2018
    The UK government’s decision this week to allow fracking undermines its commitments to tackle climate change and reduce fossil fuel use. It came just days before the government’s own data showed renewable electricity hit a record high last year. JOSEPH DUTTON reports

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  • Why the bee is the best beekeeper

    Miriam Darlington
    | 25th July 2018
    Woodcarver Matt Somerville believes harvesting honey should be more natural so he has devised a new kind of hive aimed at benefitting the health and sustainability of bee colonies. MIRIAM DARLINGTON met him.

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  • Whale being butchered

    Whaling in Iceland accompanied by protests

    Lowana Veal
    | 24th July 2018
    Vegans and vegetarians are leading protests in Iceland against whaling. They are calling on the government to end the practice, which sees highly intelligent and social animals captured and slaughtered. LOWANA VEAL reports

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