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  • Honey, in her sett, is just one of the potential beneficiaries, both human and animal, of a breakthrough test for bovine TB.

    Bovine tuberculosis testing - we really need to talk

    Tom Langton
    | 11th September 2017
    Are the shortcoming of existing cattle TB tests soon to be exposed by a simple, clever blood test that has been waiting in the wings? The development may shine light on practical compromises in the extended, failing fight against TB in England - at huge tax-payers expense. Biologist TOM LANGTON looks at a growing dilemma in the world of bovine TB cattle testing

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  • The Susu clan are self-sufficient and manage the land sustainably. They produce food to sustain themselves but also harvest cash crops like palm oil, rubber and sugar cane for income. (C) Friends of the Earth International, via Flickr

    The palm oil crisis in Nigeria - and beyond

    Burag Gurden
    | 8th September 2017
    The use and spread of palm oil is beyond imagination; from cooking and manufacturing to pharmaceuticals and drilling fluids, it is even in nanny's chocolate cake. Its global consumption may have increased more than any other good, but what does this entail for the farmers? The crisis in Edo State of Nigeria speaks for itself, reports BURAG GURDEN

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  • Nightingale, Minsmere RSPB, Suffolk (c) Ian Curran.

    Eleventh hour reprieve for one of the last bastions of nightingales

    Brendan Montague
    | 7th September 2017
    A planning application to build thousands of new houses on Lodge Hill, one of the last strongholds for nightingales in the UK, has been withdrawn. More than 12,000 people objected to the application to build on the Site of Special Scientific Interest, leading to a Public Inquiry being scheduled for March 2018. BRENDAN MONTAGUE reports

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  • ExxonMobil has piped millions to climate deniers but also funds legitimate scientific research.

    I was an Exxon-funded climate scientist

    Katharine Hayhoe
    | 6th September 2017
    ExxonMobil has been funding high quality science while also funding and supporting climate denial. So should scientists continue to accept money from oil companies and other vested interests? KATHARINE HAYHOE, a climate science professor, discusses her own early ExxonMobil funding and the ethical issues it raises

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  • Digging yourself a hole: how Australia is keeping coal current

    Mariah Sampson
    | 30th August 2017
    The Adani-Carmichael Coal Mine is an enduring stain on Australia’s underdeveloped environmental policies, with new fraud cases and environmental assessment reports weighing the venture down. Australian environmentalist MARIAH SAMPSON takes a look at the current state of affairs surrounding the plans for the biggest open coal mine in the world.

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