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  • Bags of coffee beans

    An open letter to UTZ and Rainforest Alliance

    Mackenzie Denyer
    Clare Carlile
    Brendan Montague
    | 23rd July 2018
    An open letter to the newly merged ethical certification standards, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance, urging them to maintain and improve on their certification criteria as they develop their new standard, from MACKENZIE DENYER, CLARE CARLILE and BRENDAN MONTAGUE

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  • A field of solar panels under a blue sky

    Are biodiversity and solar natural partners?

    Ross Grier
    | 23rd July 2018
    New research shows that solar farms can significantly improve local biodiversity, with benefits to wildlife and potentially even surrounding crops. NextEnergy Capital is supporting innovative solar developments that enhance biodiversity in the local area and engage the community, writes ROSS GRIER

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  • Inspiring hope for an effective climate campaign

    Tim Root
    | 20th July 2018
    The long summer drought in the UK gives as a glimpse of what climate change could deliver. Yet the country seems utterly distracted by Brexit. And people have little faith in the UK government or the European Union to deliver on the Paris Accord. Perhaps it's time we took matters into our own hands, argues TIM ROOT

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  • Tree in a field in Devon

    Our vanishingly pleasant land

    Michael McCarthy
    | 20th July 2018
    MICHAEL MCCARTHY applauds a deeply felt and incisive analysis of the threat to our wildlife and countryside in his review of Our Place: Can We Save Britain’s Wildlife Before It Is Too Late? by Mark Cocker

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  • Gabriel Umana

    Costa Rica pioneers low-carbon coffee

    Nina Pullman
    | 19th July 2018
    Costa Rica’s ‘world-first’ Nama Café project has transformed coffee into a low-carbon industry and could serve as a blueprint for other agriculture sectors, writes NINA PULLMAN

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  • The real problem with palm oil

    Tim Hunt
    Mackenzie Denyer
    | 18th July 2018
    MACKENZIE DENYER and TIM HUNT, from Ethical Consumer magazine, explore the complex issues with palm oil, why deforestation rates are still climbing and why big brand manufacturers have the power to stop it

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  • President Trump’s fake news about climate change

    Bob Ward
    | 17th July 2018
    President Donald J Trump has exceeded even his own incredible record for dumfounding his critics with a litany of falsehoods and prejudice during his trip to the UK and meeting with Vladimir Putin. Amid the white noise its easy for us to get distracted from his climate denial. BOB WARD sends a warning signal

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  • Towards a 'green wave'

    Robert Biel
    | 13th July 2018
    We are surrounded by systems - the economic system, our social system and the ecological system in which they are both situated. So if systems have distinct patterns and phases, how will we experience this as a community. Dr ROBERT BIEL investigates

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