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  • Fat Lama website, cropped

    The future of ownership: reduce, reuse… rent out?

    Sasha Dovzhyk
    | 26th March 2018
    The environment has provided a sink for our discarded commodities for generations - but today landfill and ocean plastics show this way of living is at crisis point. So can't we just borrow stuff we only need occasionally. Fat Lama is at the cutting edge - or bleeding edge - of the new sharing economy. SASHA DOVZHYK investigates

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  • Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

    'Species other than ours are far more like ours than most of us believe'

    Curtis Abraham
    | 23rd March 2018
    Elizabeth Marshall Thomas published The Hidden Life of Dogs in 2000 and enjoyed more than a year on the New York Times bestseller list. Now she is publishing the Hidden Life of Life: a Walk through the Reaches of Time. Here she takes on the scientific assumption that animals do not have consciousness and memory. CURTIS ABRAHAM interviewed her for The Ecologist

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  • Ursula Le Guin

    How to navigate the disorientation of a seismic world

    The Symbiosis Research Collective
    | 23rd March 2018
    Our situation may seem hopeless, but we have a rich inheritance of ideas and practices from which we can draw. Monarchies have been overthrown, dictators pulled down. We can take inspiration from past revolutions to build a new framework for the future.

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  • How to build houses - and save the countryside

    Shaun Spiers
    | 21st March 2018
    Prime minister Theresa May said "we are not faced with a zero-sum choice between building the homes people need and protecting the open spaces we treasure". SHAUN SPIERS argues that too few homes have been built and too much countryside lost - and the government's proposed policy changes are unlikely to make a difference

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  • VIDEO: What will Brexit mean for the environment?

    Craig Bennett
    | 19th March 2018
    CRAIG BENNETT, the chief executive of Friends of the Earth, is a self styled “hard remainer”. Craig led the environment charity's campaign to stay in the European Union. He argues leaving the EU poses a tremendous threat, not only to current environmental protections but also to any future legislation needed to tackle new challenges

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  • Woman looks at hundreds of old mobile phones

    Reconnecting with ethics: an alternative future for smartphones

    Katie Dancey-Downs
    | 19th March 2018
    The number of people using smartphones has exploded - 95 percent of Americans own a mobile phone. But when technology grows quickly, the ethics can get left behind with human rights abuses and environmental damage. So how are we going to get to another, more ethical future? Lush Times reporter KATIE DANCEY-DOWNS investigates

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