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  • COP23 is drawing to a close - but what will be its legacy?

    Ukraine proposal to position energy companies at the center of climate action

    Arthur Wyns
    | 17th November 2017
    The UN climate negotiations in Bonn have turned out to be of a very technical nature, with much of the Rulebook to be laid out that is needed to implement the Paris Agreement (PA) by 2020. Almost unnoticed, however, a proposal that is the first of its kind in UN history has been laid on the table at the end of the first week of COP23. ARTHUR WYNES reports.

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  • For the past 35 years, Resurgence’s small hard-working team has operated from a tiny barn conversation in Satish Kumar’s garden in the village of Hartland, North Devon.

    How The Resurgence Trust is building for the future

    The Resurgence Trust
    | 15th November 2017
    Leading thinkers, writers and environmentalists are calling for support for Resurgence – the spiritual and artistic flagship of the green movement and publisher of The Ecologist – to build a new home to expand its services to people and planet.

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  • Uncontacted people, like these pictured in iconic aerial photos released in 2011, are the most vulnerable people on the planet © Survival

    Uncontacted people are still being massacred in the Amazon

    Lewis Evans
    | 15th November 2017
    Massacres like that reported to have taken place recently in the Amazon are sadly neither new nor uncommon. For uncontacted tribal peoples, the colonial era continues, as bandits and extractive industries, abetted by a corrupt government, inflict violence and plunder on them. LEWIS EVANS puts this brutality into context, and examines potential solutions.

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  • Watership Down, by Richard Adams, had a profound impact on a generation of children after it was published in 1972. A remake of the film is now in production.

    Land Lines: capturing our relationship with the natural world

    Elizabeth Wainwright
    | 15th November 2017
    Our bond with the natural world is ever changing. To look at how books capture this shifting relationship, new research project ‘Land Lines’ is looking for the nation’s favourite nature book. And The Ecologist will be launching a new series of book reviews to celebrate and learn from nature writing, writes ELIZABETH WAINWRIGHT. Interested? -- You can get involved in both.

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  • Re.ne(w) by René Garza is founded on the concept that resource sustainability is the responsibility of every individual - being conscious of both our actions and their impact.

    Has fashion gone green - or is it still a wolf in sheep's clothing?

    Wendyrosie Scott
    | 15th November 2017
    The annual British Fashion Awards are due to take place on 4 December this year at the Royal Albert Hall. The British Fashion Council, Vivienne Westwood and London Mayor Sadiq Khan launched SWITCH to encourage the British fashion industry to go green. But has it had any effect? WENDYROSIE SCOTT investigates.

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  • The Monacobreen Glacier in Svalbard, Arctic calving into the sea. (c) Gary Bembridge

    No more individual vs collective action: we need both to protect our climate

    Elizabeth Wainwright
    | 13th November 2017
    If we want to see sustained collective action, we must work to uncover the stories that bind us and call us to care in the first place -- after all, the ‘corporations’ that we attack our also our neighbours. Nature Editor ELIZABETH WAINWRIGHT reflects on the false dichotomy of ‘us vs them’, and ‘individual vs collective’ action in responding to the climate crisis.

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  • The call for urgent climate action during COP23 in Bonn by activists and NGOs is supported by the science. Images via COP23Demo on Flickr.

    A message for the planet: beware the urgency gap

    Natalie Bennett
    | 10th November 2017
    The former co-leader of the Green party, NATALIE BENNETT is in Bonn where she tells of the story of two cities: the politicians on one side performing seemingly endless negotiations and the scientists and NGOs on the other calling for urgent action.

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  • James Hansen interviewed by Nick Breeze at COP23 in Bonn (c) Nick Breeze.

    James Hansen at COP23: The voice of dissent

    Nick Breeze
    | 9th November 2017
    James Hansen is making his second visit to the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties, COP23 in Bonn to declare the that the Paris Agreement “ambition” is a “hoax”. NICK BREEZE meets the man still raising the climate alarm.

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