30th June 2009
Ecotricity is an independent renewable electricity supplier that has been supplying green electricity to homes and businesses since 1996.

A few words from Ecotricity

Us in a nutshell
Ecotricity is an energy company unlike any other. We supply homes and businesses across Britain with green energy, and then use our customers’ bills to create even more sources of renewable power – like windmills.

The generation of conventional, or brown, electricity is responsible for over 30% of our carbon dioxide emissions here in the UK. So, the biggest thing we can do to slow climate change is to make energy in a different way. That’s exactly what we’re doing.

How it works
We’re an independently owned, not-for-dividend company with no shareholders or investors to keep happy, so we’re free to dedicate our money to our mission – changing the way energy is made. Over the last seven years we’ve spent an average of 70p from every pound of our customers’ bills on creating new sources of green energy. No other energy supplier has spent more per customer.

Our aim
We want to create a Green Britain. Right now, we import fossil fuels from some of the most unstable parts of the world to meet our energy needs. But we have everything we need, right here in the UK, to become energy independent – we have a never-ending supply of wind, and the technology to use it is well developed, and harnessing it would create sustainable green jobs and industry to boot.

Our 3 key selling points
Because going green leads to great things, when you’re an Ecotricity customer, you get:
•    The satisfaction of seeing your energy bills used to create new sources of green energy.
•    Great customer service – the best you’ll find, in fact.
•    The reassurance that you’re paying a fair price for going green.

More on price
Typically, switching to Ecotricity will cost you nothing more, because we match the standard regional price of the ‘big six’ energy suppliers, and the standard regional gas price from British Gas, including their £15 dual fuel discount. If you’ve switched to a cheap deal, we will cost a little more - we can’t price match the price cutters and keep building new sources of green energy.

More on customer service
We’re not a conventional power company – we don’t think like one or act like one. You’ll notice if you never need to call us... We answer the phone quickly, and it’s a real person who you’ll speak to – not only that, but we understand the problems you’re likely to face and know how to help. As a result, nine out of ten calls we receive are resolved there and then, which is all down to our great team.

Other stuff we do
We’re about more than just energy... We’re also working hard in a number of sectors to show people that ‘going green’ is the future – a technologically advanced, financially stable future, and not the poor alternative that some people think it is... 

Us and cars
We’ve developed the world’s first wind-powered supercar, with the aim of making people think about how we’ll all be getting around in 10 or 20 years time, and to prove that electric vehicles don’t have to look like something Noddy would drive.

Us and finance
We’ve been showing the banks how it should be done with EcoBonds, an ethical investment scheme with one of the highest rates of return seen in the UK in years. We use the money to fund our green building projects – speeding up the rate at which we can build whilst letting investors in on the revolution, too. 

Us and football
We rescued our local football club, Forest Green Rovers, and are working to make it both financially and environmentally sustainable. We plan to make it the greenest football club in the UK (or even the world) and in doing so we’ll be taking our green message to a whole new audience – football fans. 


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