October 2011 Monthly Subscribers Newsletter

| 17th October 2011
October Monthly Newsletter
This month we investigate the complex issue of food speculation - looking at the impact speculative trading of food commodities, such as wheat, has on the price of food. To access your newsletter log in and scroll down to the bottom of the page

We report from Mexico where high maize prices are making it harder for poorer families to afford the national staple of tortilla.

As well as the investigation, the Ecologist Film Unit has also produced an exclusive short film telling the story of how a surge in financial speculation by traders is threatening the livelihoods of coffee farmers in rural Mexico.

The other investigations this month include a look at the emerging trade in our most precious of resources, water, and a report into the allegations of land-grabbing against UK charity, The Jewish National Fund.

Then we have two reports from Laos. One looking at plans for a controversial dam that threatens rice cultivation and fisheries. A second at the devastating consequences of the trade in exotic meat and wildlife souveniers in the country - and how it is being driven by tourism.

We've also just published a special report uncovering some disturbing truths about the treatment of migrant workers in both the UK and Europe.


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