Container gardening - 35 of the best blogs

| 17th April 2013
These 35 blogs will help you get your container garden under way with tips on plant and container types, and will give you ideas for getting more from your container garden than you put in.

Container gardening is a simple and fulfilling hobby that has practical applications, too. You don’t have to own 200 acres of land or even have a garden to get involved with sustainable practices and learning to grow your own food.

Anyone can become a novice container gardener, including people who live in high-rise apartment blocks. You can create an intricately ornate container garden in and around your home, or grow your own herbs right in your kitchen.

The isolation of container plants all but eliminates the pain of dealing with weeds and soil contamination and allows you to move plants to where growing conditions are optimal.

The Basics of Container Gardens

Before you start getting your hands dirty, it is best to know exactly what a container garden is. There are many variations available to suit every novice gardener’s needs, so deciding what you want from your garden makes it much easier to get started. These six blog entries deal with the basics of container gardening.

How to Start a Container Garden in Any Amount of Space

Container Gardening – How to Start 

Organic Container Gardening Tips

Container Gardens

No ground? Use containers


Container Gardening for Beginners: Shopping Guide

Pots, Containers and Window-Boxes

To ensure that you get the best results from your container garden, each plant or herb needs a home that suits its needs. Getting the right size, shape and type of containers will mean a long and happy life for your garden. You will want your container garden to add aesthetic value to your home, too. So keep the style and décor of your home in mind when making your purchases.

The Best Type of Pot for Container Gardening

How to Choose Pots for Your Container Garden

Making Herb and Vegetable Containers

Bottle towers in Australia (Rachel CHRISTIAN)

Container Gardening in Outdoor Planters & Flower Pots

The Wonderful Window Box: Design Basics for this Garden Treasure

Choosing the Best Plants and Herbs

Not all plants are suited for growing inside, let alone in small pots or containers. The health of your garden wholly depends on choosing the right plants and making sure you grow them in the right conditions. These six blogs will guide you through the large variety of plant types for your container garden.

Top 10 plants for containers

Growing Fruit Trees in Containers

Container Gardening for Food

10 Culinary Herbs for the Container Garden

How to Plant a Bulb Container Garden

Fresh Herbs are as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Planting Your Container Garden

Everything from the type of soil you use to how you arrange your plants will affect the quality of your container garden. You can save yourself a lot of time and frustration by getting it right the first time. These six blogs discuss planting your container garden to produce the best results.

How to Make DIY Gardening Containers

7 Great Container Garden How-Tos

Planting your container

Planting Your Vegetable Garden

Test Your Potting Soil Quality Before Planting Your Container Garden

Container Gardening Drainage

Arranging Your Container Garden

To guarantee a thriving container garden you will need to ensure that your flowers, plants and herbs are located in optimum growing conditions. However, you also want your garden to look good, so knowing how to arrange your garden to get the best of both worlds is essential.

Arranging Container Gardens

How to Design Your Small Container Garden

Decorating With Containers

Designing Your Container Vegetable Garden

Create a Simple Terrace Garden with Container Plants

Container Garden Ideas For Outdoor or Indoor

Caring for your Container Garden

Treat your container garden well and it will stand the test of time. You will have put a lot of work into creating your garden; however, it doesn’t end when you plant the final seed. Once the planting stage is done you will need to start nurturing and caring for your container garden, too.

Gardening Rookie: Maintaining Container Gardens

How to Grow and Care for Plants in Pots and Planters

Container Gardening Tips For Successful Garden Pots

Secrets of Sucessful Container Gardening

Keeping up with Container Gardening: Caring for Your Potted Plants

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