Green Sunscreen

1st August 2013
Stay safe with Hazel Sillver’s roundup of the best eco suncare...


*Green People Sun Lotion SPF 15 or 25, £17.95 for 200ml

This is my favourite sunscreen. Both the SPF 15 and SPF 25 are easy to apply, absorbing into limbs easily, without the need for endless rubbing. Neither leaves a dense layer of grease and, even better, they are free from sensitizing ingredients such as synthetic perfume (which can increase our chances of burning). The SPF 15 smells of lavender and the SPF 25 is odourless. Both are water-repellent.

The green bit: Suitable for vegans and 82% of the ingredients are organic.

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*Yaoh Hemp Sun Block SPF 15 or 30, £9.99 for 240ml

Also a great buy are the Yaoh sunscreens, made with organic hemp seed oil. Both the SPF15 and 30 sink into skin well and don’t leave a heavy film. They are odourless and made with nourishing hemp seed oil, which protects the skin from harmful UV rays and soothes inflamed skin conditions (such as acne and eczema). Both give great sun protection, even in 30-degrees heat!

The green bit: Suitable for vegans and made with organic hemp seed oil.

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*MyChelle Sun Shield SPF28, £19.50 for 68ml

Although this sunscreen is made from natural UVA/UVB barriers Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Dioxide (which often leave a white film on skin), this has a clear, lightweight, non-greasy finish. Because it’s so gentle, it suits sensitive skins, acne skins and children. They also do a coconut version of the SPF28 cream.

The green bit: Suitable for vegans, comes in recycled packaging and made with organic coconut and aloe vera.

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*Naturally Cool Kids Sun Cream SPF25, £15.95 for 150ml

This sunscreen comes in funky orange and yellow packaging that kids will love. Its primary sun-shielding ingredient is zinc oxide, which makes it a tad claggy and white – but rubbed in well, this does disappear into skin. Its saving grace is the addition of vanilla extract, which makes it smell wonderful. It is suitable for sensitive skins (including eczema-prone skins) and children of 6 months and older.

The green bit: Suitable for vegans and contains organic liquorice extract.

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*Yaoh Hemp Lip Balm SPF15, £2.75

This good quality, coconut SPF lip balm smells delicious. It is clear (no dodgy white ski lips) and glides on very easily. Plus it is tiny enough to slip into your trouser pocket. The product is made with olive and hemp oils, comfrey and calendula, which all nourish and protect the delicate skin of the lips.

The green bit: Suitable for vegans and made with organic hemp seed oil.

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*Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint SPF15, £21 for 40ml

I love this product. It is a flattering tinted sun cream and one of the stars of Liz Earle’s new natural make-up line. Ingredients include skin-nourishing borage, vitamin E and avocado and mineral SPF15 to guard against UV damage. It’s available in four shades – my skin tone is midway between pale and olive and I use the 03 Beach shade.

The green bit: Suitable for vegetarians. Liz Earle use fairly traded, organic and sustainable ingredients where possible.

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*Dr Hauschka After-Sun Lotion, £14.25 for 100ml

This is my favourite aftersun for very hot weather. The product is cold on the skin, which is heaven if you’re feeling overcooked. It also contains rose wax, almond oil and calendula, which make it smell fabulous and able to soothe any lobster pink patches. Last but not least, it disappears into skin instantly, as if by magic.

The green bit: This is a BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetic and made with biodynamic, organic or wild harvested ingredients.

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*Neal’s Yard Chamomile & Aloe Vera After Sun Lotion, £18 for 200ml

Another great aftersun that can also be used as a keep-the-tan-going-as-long-as-possible cream when the holiday is over: the more you moisturise, the longer you will remain that enviable shade of teak. The lotion is absorbed into skin easily and contains soothing aloe vera, chamomile and comfrey, as well as softening almond and wheatgerm oils.

The green bit: Suitable for vegans and 14% of the ingredients are certified organic.

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