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Hazel Sillver and Susan Clark round up some of the best and brightest eco-stationery on offer.

There is something about beautiful stationery that sends grown women into raptures of delight. Perhaps it is the clean slate allure of a blank notebook or the Aladdin's Cave colours of the stationery shop with its endless choice of inks and papers... But as we all know it's hard to find decent supplies for your desk that don't damage the earth. Here are some of the greenest options:


Paperchase Eco A5 Exercise Book, £2.25

These little black notebooks are wonderful – made from recycled leather, they have a nice feel, and are light enough to chuck in your handbag. The pages have orange lines and are made from 100% recycled paper.

Fluke notebooks, Small notebook £7.99, Large notebook £10.99

I know I am not the only fan of these notebooks (which are produced by Tara books) because when they arrived at our office they instantly disappeared again!

Each book is a unique and eclectic fusion of prints and colours.

Paperthinks Ruled Notebook, £12.99

This rather fabulous 208-page notebook is encased in 100% recycled tangerine orange leather. The paper is 50% recycled and chlorine and acid free. The notebook is almost A4; there are smaller versions and other colours available.

Silvine Everyday 100% Recycled A4 Notebook, £1.83

104 pages of 100% recycled A4 paper that is ruled, punched and wire-bound. Sold in a pack of 12. Rymans also sell Pukka Recycled A4 Pads, £3.99, which are identical, except the paper is better quality (hence the price!)

Printer paper & card

Xerox A4 Recycled Pure+ Inkjet Paper, £7.75

A high quality printer paper that is made from 100% post consumer waste and suitable for double-sided printing. Each pack contains 500 sheets.

Eco-Craft Recycled Card, £1.74 for 10

100% recycled card sold in small packs or in bulk at a discount. Available in a rainbow of bold colours or in neutral shades.


Eco-Craft Recycled Envelopes, £3.58 for 50

Eco-Craft sell a variety of 100% recycled envelopes, including bog-standard self-seal business envelopes with address windows and more exciting colour options.


Boxed Recycled Paper Notecards Blue Bird, £6.50

Useful and pretty cards for greetings and notes of thanks: eight cards in two patterns, made from recycled and FSC accredited board and paper, and made in the UK.

Boxed Set of Snail Mail Letterpress Notecards, £12

A simple stylish set of 8 notecards and envelopes, made by Bobalong in the UK. The notecards feature a snail motive and have been created on an antique printing press; the envelopes are made from 100% recycled paper and the box is also recycled.

Pens & pencils

Pilot Begreen Choose Gel Ink Pen, £1.52

A pigment gel ink rollerball with a 0.7mm tip, made from 73.1% recycled plastic and available in 11 colours. Pilot now offer several eco-sound pens in the Begreen range.

Recycled HB Pencils, £3.58 for 10

A batch of funky pencils that started life as plastic cups, CD cases and plastic packaging. Each pack contains an assortment of colours: black, lilac, yellow, blue and pink, but the pencil lead is the standard grey.

Remarkable Eco Pens & Pencils, from £1.50

Remarkable sell a great range of pens and pencils, including bright pink pencils made from UK recycled CD cases and fibre-tipped handwriting pens made from UK recycled plastic packaging and filled with water-based ink.


Seco Popper Wallets, from £2.90 for 5

These quality see-through document wallets are 100% recyclable and oxo-biodegradable. They are made from recycled material where possible and are available in two sizes: A4 and A5. Choose from lavender, pink, green, black or clear.

Recycled Black Magazine File, £7.95

These stylish A4 magazine stores have been made from 100% post consumer waste and natural rubber. The Green Stationery Company, who sell them, also offer stylish wooden magazine files, made from sustainably sourced beech.

Natural Brown Recycled Ring Binder A4, £2.75

These slim (25mm) A4 ring binders look good and they're made from 100% recycled heavy-duty brown Kraft board.

Desk accessories

EcoStapler, £3.97

This pocketsize stapler uses a cutting and folding action to stitch 2 or 3 pages together. No metal staples are required! It's ideal for attaching cheques or receipts to other bits of paper, but can't manage more than 3 pages.

Remarkable 10 Digit Pocket Calculator, £9.00

Remarkable sell a colourful range of good-looking calculators – this one is aqua blue and has been made from 100% biodegradable cornstarch. If you want something cheaper, go for the solar-powered black EcoCalc

Recycled Calculator, £3.25.

Edding 24 EcoLine Highlighter Set, £6.00

A set of 4 highlighter pens: yellow, pink, orange and green. 70% of the cap and barrel is made from a renewable source, the filter fibres are made from recycled material and the ink is water-based.

Hazel Sillver is a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to the Ecologist Green Living section; email:

Susan Clark is managing editor of Resurgence magazine.


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