Advertorial: Schumacher College

30th January 2012
Schumacher College
We are looking for agents of change and leaders of the future, who will use the unique learning experience we can provide at Schumacher College, to make a more sustainable and equitable world

Another way is possible – exciting postgraduate opportunities at Schumacher College

“If still more education is to save us, it would have to be education of a different kind: an education that takes us into the depth of things”
E.F. Schumacher
Masters and Postgrad Certificates in Holistic Science
The flagship postgraduate programme of Schumacher College, this course has always attracted extremely high calibre students who are now major change agents in the global sustainability and social policy arena.

This is a chance to immerse yourself in a different and exciting way of thinking and study alongside the leading thinkers and activists who are challenging modern science and the way we apply it to policy and innovation.

Holistic science is a new and emerging science of systems and whole, qualities and values. It allows us to look at the social, economic and environmental issues of the 21st Century in a new light, and helps us to come to understandings and solutions that go beyond our current
scientific paradigm.

“The MSc was a unique experience that allowed me to develop the way of life I’ve always dreamed of.”
Sebastian Eslea Burch, founder of Gaia y Sofia.
Masters and Postgrad Certificates in Economics for Transition
Now in its first year, this pioneering and popular programme appeals to those who want to get involved in co-creating a resilient, equitable and fair economic system for the future.
Run in partnership with the New Economics Foundation, the Transition Network and Plymouth University Business School this is a deep green immersion in sustainable economics that will bring about both an inner and outer transition.
"This Masters programme offers a fundamentally different model of education that we can learn from and apply not only to the economy but to other areas of our lives. It’s about looking at things holistically, being open to new ideas and experiments and not being frightened by uncertainty.”
Professor Eve Mitleton-Kelly, London School of Economics
Masters and Postgrad Certificates in Sustainable Horticulture and Food Production
Join the growers, leaders and agents of change at the forefront of new thinking for resilient, sustainable and healthy food systems. As global population hits 7 billion in 2011, we consider how food systems become ecologically and financially sustainable in the face of changing climate and pressures on land, water and fossil fuel.
Drawing from projects and strategies around the world, we offer a blend of practical and academic learning from a pioneering partnership between Schumacher College, the Eden Project, the Centre for Alternative Technology and Plymouth University.
“This MSc is about helping people to become agents of positive change. But it is also important to equip them with the immediate skills to get appropriate work now.”
John Ellison, Head of Strategic Learning, Eden Project


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