Environment and Sustainability Short-Course Programme

| 28th October 2013

Course: University of Oxford Environment and Sustainability Short-Course Programme

Organisation: University of Oxford

Location: Mixture of face-to-face and online learning

Course type: Short Course

Hours: Part Time

The University of Oxford Environment and Sustainability Short-Course Programme covers a broad spectrum of topics in ecology, environmental management and conservation taught by experienced tutors and practitioners from research, scientific and professional communities.

A variety of study options are available, with both face-to-face workshops in Oxford and tutor-led online learning ensuring that specialist training can fit in alongside busy work schedules and commitments.

Forthcoming topics from the Programme are available as follows, with more likely to be added as the year progresses:

• An Introduction to EIA and Strategic Environmental Assessment (2-day workshop) from Saturday 9th to Sunday 10th November 2013
• Evidence-Based Conservation (1-day workshop) on Saturday 23rd November 2013
• Sustainability: leading change and innovation (2-day workshop) from Friday 6th to Saturday 7th December 2013
• Field Techniques for Surveying Mammals and Reptiles (5-weeks, online) starting 8th January 2014
• Corporate Globalisation and the Environment (1-day workshop) on Saturday 18th January 2014
• Field Techniques for Surveying Birds (5-weeks, online) starting 12th February 2014
• Constructing and Applying High Resolution Climate Scenarios (7-week, online) starting 17th February 2014
• Data Analysis in Ecology (5-weeks, online) for those wishing to develop an understanding of QED Statistics and R starting 30th October 2013 and 5th March 2014.
• Field Techniques for Surveying Fish and Amphibians (5-weeks, online) starting 26th March 2014
• Field Techniques for Surveying Invertebrates (5-weeks, online) starting 30th April 2014

The Programme syllabus emphasises the latest research and is illustrated through case studies with immediate practical application in the field and workplace. Upon successful completion, each topic grants participants with a University of Oxford Certificate of Attendance; selected options also offer postgraduate accreditation after successful completion of an assessment.

For further information, and how to join, visit our website or contact the course team:

Email: est@conted.ox.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0)1865 268952

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