Guerrillas in our midst

Olly Zanetti
| 21st January 2009
Under cover of darkness, a dedicated team of activists is slowly rescuing unloved pockets of land from botanical meltdown. Olly Zanetti meets the guerrilla gardeners lighting up London.

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Sustaining communities

Phil Moore
| 1st October 2008
With the global credit crunch grabbing all the headlines, issues concerning economies on a lesser scale are easily sidelined.

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Poison Fire Interview

Phil Moore
| 11th September 2008
Filmmaker Lars Johansson talks to the Ecologist about the making of the film 'Poison Fire' and the curse of oil in the Niger Delta.

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All hands to the plough

Ed Hamer
| 7th August 2008
The community supports the farmer and the farmer supports the community. Why isn't everyone taking part in the latest agricultural revolution, wonders Ed Hamer

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A steady-state economy

Herman Daly
| 1st April 2008
Economist Herman E Daly argues that our future depends on a new economic model, one that needs to be defined by the dynamic balance – the steady state – of the natural world upon which it depends.

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The commons: an antidote to globalisation

Jonathon Rowe
| 1st April 2008
The corporate market has become the institutional equivalent of a compulsive eater. It has a built-in hunger that cannot be filled, and it is hard to stop the damage within the framework of its own game.

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Creative ways to downshift

Laura Sevier
| 28th March 2008
What does quality of life mean to you? Is it the stuff you buy, keeping up with the Joneses? Or is fresh, clean air, the company you keep, and a less stressful living environment more important?

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Green Living_9.jpg

Community Wedge

John Bird
| 6th September 2007
How can we stop the juggernauts of so-called progress from sweeping away every bit of individualism and community that well-run high streets bring us? John Bird wants to give you his card

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