Green New Deal tops Labour agenda

| 18th September 2019
Green New Deal
The Green New Deal has been put top of the agenda for this year’s Labour Party Conference.


A total of 128 constituency Labour parties (CLPs) have voted to send Labour for a Green New Deal’s motion to the annual conference - far more than any other issue, including Brexit.

The motion calls on the Labour Party to adopt a radical Green New Deal, which includes a target of zero carbon emissions by 2030, guaranteed green jobs, universal services and an expansion of public ownership.

If passed at conference next week and adopted as policy, Labour will have one of the most ambitious emission targets of any major developed country, going significantly further than the current net-zero targets adopted by all other major UK parties.

Climate breakdown

Each CLP can send one policy motion or rule change to the party conference. Labour for a Green New Deal confirmed that 128 CLPs had voted to send motions calling for a Green New Deal after deadlines closed on Thursday.

This is more than double the 61 CLPs reported by anti-Brexit campaign groups to have sent Brexit motions.

The motions mean that a Green New Deal is almost certainly guaranteed to be debated on conference floor and voted on by delegates.

This news affirms the overwhelming support for the policy among Labour’s grassroots, with nine in 10 members polled by LabourList in May believing the party should adopt a Green New Deal with a zero carbon by 2030 target. The motion is also backed by the Communication Workers Union - the Labour Party's fourth largest affiliated trade union - and Momentum.

Climate breakdown is set to be a key theme at this year’s Labour Party Conference, which takes place the day after what is set to be the largest ever international climate strike and alongside a week of action by Extinction Rebellion.

Defining issue

Adrienne Buller, co-director of Labour for a Green New Deal, said: “Climate breakdown is the defining issue of the twenty-first century, so it’s no surprise that Labour members have put the Green New Deal top of the agenda for this year’s party conference.

“The upcoming general election will not only be a Brexit election, but a climate election. With a radical and transformative Green New Deal which offers a vision of shared hope and prosperity, Labour will stand ready to win it.”

This Article 

This article is based on a press release from Labour for a Green New Deal. 

Image: Becker1999, Wikimedia. 


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