Monbiot take down of Planet of the Humans

George Monbiot criticises film director Michael Moore for his misleading, pro-fossil fuel and racist Planet of the Humans.

And the fossil fuel industry is gleeful as a result.

George Monbiot, a leading environmental journalist, has issued a direct appeal to film director Michael Moore to withdraw the feature film Planet of the Humans.

Monbiot launches a scathing attack in the film, which has been pilloried for a series of errors, misrepresentations, out of date footage and appeals to "racist" population control arguments.

He states in the Double Down News video: "Micheal, you spent most of your career exposing power, exposing the harm that rich and powerful people do to others.


"You are now a rich and powerful person. You have misused that power in making a highly misleading film about attempts to make the world a better place.

"And the fossil fuel industry is gleeful as a result."

The Guardian columnist conceded that the environment movement should deal with criticisms, and there were problems with mining for materials for renewable energy and that some NGOs have got into bed with big business.


But, we went on: "You fill that film with falsehoods". Monbiot provided evidence that renewable energy - solar and wind - both provide significantly more energy than that used in its production.

Monbiot also attacked the film for promoting population control - or mass die-off - as a solution to climate breakdown. He said: "population growth is what people reach for when they want to kick down rather than kick up."

He expressed alarm that Moore would support an argument that poor black and brown people (who actually use the least resources globally) are responsible for climate breakdown because they have children rather than rich while people who use private jets and SUVs. "This claim is inherently racist."

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