George Monbiot

Environmentalists challenged to go vegan this World Environment Day

George Monbiot
Kerry McCarthy
Dale Vince
Jonathan Bartley
| 5th June 2018
The impact of the meat industry on the environment is well documented. While global solutions to this problem are necessary, there is a very real, immediate and visceral change people can make right now - on World Environment Day - to turn the tide. Go vegan. GEORGE MONBIOT et al write an open letter to the movement to support the Vegan Society's Plate Up for the Planet challenge

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Tiny cow

The under-reported ecological disaster of meat

Julian Vigo
| 4th June 2018
Meat production is the elephant in the room when it comes to addressing the major threats to environmental sustainability. Going vegan seems like biting off more than you can chew for many campaigning charities. But DR JULIAN VIGO argues that now we must take the bull by the horns...

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The Spanish meat scandal making waves in Britain is no isolated incident

Javier Moreno
| 20th February 2018
Appalling conditions have been found at a farm supplying meat to a Spanish sausage brand stocked at Morrisons and high street butchers. JAVIER MORENO, the executive director of Animal Equality Spain, argues that this is not an isolated incident. He hopes the latest undercover investigation could be a turning point for animal welfare

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Bacon Rashers

Would you eat lab-grown meat?

Tom Levitt
| 3rd October 2012
Lab-grown meat could help reduce the environmental footprint of intensive farming. But will it ever appeal to vegetarians or even more eco-conscious consumers? Tom Levitt reports

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