Eco luxe in Cornwall: the Scarlet Hotel

| 30th March 2011
scarlet hotel
British eco-hotels are becoming increasingly common but not everyone wants to spend their holiday in a Mongolian yurt. The Scarlet Hotel in Cornwall proves you don’t need to sacrifice luxury to protect the environment

Concerns about the carbon footprint of air travel, worries about volcanic ash and not having much spare cash are all good reasons behind the growing trend for holidaying at home. But staying within Britain’s borders doesn’t mean you have to give up all hope of a little luxury. As the popularity of eco-hotels continues to increase, more and more destinations are popping up, offering a stylish break that doesn’t cost the earth.

While many hotels are busy tweaking their existing practices and writing a convincing sounding ‘environmental policy’ the Scarlet is using some simple initiatives to reduce their impact on the environment.  Where possible food served at the Scarlet is locally sourced from sustainable farms. The building was constructed with efficiency in mind and is heated with a biomass boiler, which burns woodchips instead of fossil fuels. The indoor pool is heated using solar power, while the outdoor pool is left as nature intended with no disinfectant chemicals involved. But the Scarlet’s environmental ethos doesn’t mean that comfort has been foregone. From the therapeutic spa to the high quality interior design, the Scarlet provides an indulgent retreat. ‘Our challenge was to be luxurious without costing the planet,’ comments Emma Stratton, co-owner of the Scarlet. ‘We are very proud of the painstaking efforts we made to harmonise with our environment and show that great design can go hand in hand with sustainability’.

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