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| 28th March 2019
Ella Daish
Ella Daish
Ella Daish's Eco Period Box campaign has been supported by 20 shops and has been extended to run through April 2019.

Period poverty affects thousands of individuals each year, including those at school, those that are homeless, refugees and those who simply cannot afford them due to financial constraints. 

Ella Daish decided to take action, saddened by the thought of women and girls missing out on their education and opportunities simply because they cannot afford the essentials they need. The Eco Period Box campaign was launched in in December 2018. 

Ella said: "I set up the Eco Period Box to address period poverty in a way that I feel truly benefits all. Plastic-free period products and reusables are not only better for the people using them, but they also have a minimal environmental impact, which is really important. I also believe that everyone, no matter their situation, deserves a choice in what they use."

Period poverty 

The campaign encouraged everyone to join in and make a positive difference. It was a success, with individuals, groups and companies coming together to get involved and over 4,000 plastic-free period products and 40 reusables were donated all over the UK. 

Many asked whether the original campaign would be extended into the new year. Ella is excited to announce that following its success, it is coming back in April. 

She wanted even more people to benefit from it this time, which is why she’s been in touch with shops throughout the UK and Ireland to bring the campaign to their area!

Twenty shops in the UK and Ireland from Edinburgh to Dublin to Nottingham are taking part to help support people locally that are affected by period poverty by having an Eco Period Box, which you can donate to. 

This will be running from the 1 - 30 April 2019. All donations collected will be given to a local charity of their choice.

A list of the participating shops can be found here. If you have one nearby you can make a contribution to their box, take a picture and post it online using the campaign hashtag #EcoPeriodBox!

This Article 

This article is based on a press release from Ella Daish. 


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